Friday, October 15, 2010

My Family Reunion, Part VI

This past weekend was ACL Fest (Austin City Limits Music Festival), and for the fifth year in a row, there was a substantial AmazingPants Kid contingent making merry at Zilker Park. Year One, me and Crasey. Year Two, me and Umulu. Year Three, me, Umulu, Crasey, The Fairy King, and Sweet BabyFace. Year Four, I was in Nicaragua, but the AmazingPantses carried on, and Year Five, it was all of us again. This year, Year Six, The Fairy King and Sweet BabyFace are way down in Australia (boo hiss), so it was me, Umulu, Crasey, and Handsome. We laughed, we danced, we drank birs, we jumped up and down and hooted and hollered. It was, as always, a grand time. In no particular order, some shots from the weekend. (TFK, SBF, we missed you dreadfully. Come back home now please.)