Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Worst Album Covers Ever. And I Do Mean EVER.

I don't remember where I actually got these pictures (some random email forward, I think), but I saved the pdf and every now and then I go back and look again, just to have a laugh when I really need one.  Right now what I need is A) a good laugh, and B) a quick and easy blog post so that I can keep working on my comps.  So here you go, my friends.  Some of the worst album covers ever created in the human universe.  And, of course, my commentary.

Yes you can, you sexy devil.  You can borrow some L-O-V-E, and then give it right back to me.

Geraldine knows this because Ricky told her so.  And Ricky speaks only the truth.

I can say nothing to make this funnier.

"Don't worry, sweetheart.  Nobody will know you're pregnant for at least another couple of months.  By that time I'll have sold all my beaver skins and made us a nice tidy fortune to live on.  Now be a good girl and quit crying so I can finish my beer."

Ah, the McKeithens.  In case of musical emergency, Mrs. McKeithen keeps an accordion in her beehive.  (Grammar geeks of the world, spot that horrifyingly misplaced punctuation!)

Ummmmm...  And all these years I thought all you could see in a crystal ball was the future.

It's like gay porn, but even gayer! (This one's for you, Fairy King. ;)

No, Jasper, I think God wants you to wear the EXTRA small sweatervest.

No, really.  That's him right behind us.

Now performing live at the Palladium with her equally miraculous co-stars, the Great Footless Tapdancer, and the Amazing Lipless Harmonica Player!  

My favorite songs are "Blinded By the Light," "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Is Gone," and "Tell Me Have You Seen Her?"  (Yes, I'm going to hell for that one.)

Ew.  Words escape me.


Dr Zibbs said...

Well done cheesypants - well done. I have a book on this very topic.

Sarah McBride said...

You crack me up. That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out on that one super-gay-in-a-bad-way album... i think i trew up in my mouth a little bit on that one...

oh yeah, i have decided that i will no longer read your blog while at work... everyone is wondering why i keep randomly snorting with laughter...

Ashesh said...

You just kick started my day. :)
I agree with the earlier comment. Got to stop reading your blogs at work, 'cause people wonder why I'm laughing so hard.. my stomach is in knots i'm laughing so hard.. stop, somebody stop this insanity.. why can't i stop laughing..

Cary said...


I own the Orleans album. Bought it on eBay after seeing that amazing cover. Now it's on the wall of my office and never fails to get a laugh from visitors.

Cheasty said...

glad y'all liked them! hyuk hyuk hyuk...

PrincessPi said...

Do you think Pooh-Man is referring to, you know, pooh, or is it an ode to his inner child? I bet, in his head, he calls himself MC Pooh Bear.

Cheasty said...

no, dude, look at that girl's legs. he's talking pooh. as in, you know, pooh. i don't think cute round bears who love hunny and christopher robin are part of his equation. a.a. milne can rest in peace.

tracey said...

My in-laws own the McKeithens' album. I got my husband out of the compound just in time...

Anonymous said...

I knew I shouldn't have been eating peanut M&M's when I read this. Dammit.

Lanie Painie said...

Seriously? Pooh Man McPooh? I think my first-grader made that up! Then she photo-shopped Shaq and some gal's legs accidentally

Alison said...

Your commentary really did add that extra special something on to those fabulous album covers. Seriously, I think I need to update my music collection now.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

the gay porn one... isn't that an osmond on the far left?

Cheasty said...

it sure looks like one! but then again, there's so many osmonds, I can never keep track.

thanks for al the comments, y'all. i love making people laugh, so I've got a nice warm fuzzy now. yay!

Lindsay said...

Holy s**t, are these for real??? I can't believe people would voluntarily put their image on these covers.

Too freakin' hilarious!

P.S. Found you from Can I Get My Prescription Filled? She recommended this post :) Wisely so.

carson and reese's mommy said...

Have you seen this?....
A friend of mine that did the same thing back in 2005.
You are funny...I enjoy your blog...but I had de ja vu on this post........
I am from NC....hope your Dad is well

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