Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Childhood Picture. Category: Awesome.

This just in from Superdad.

That's me when I was 9 or 10.

"The name's Cool. Joe Cool."

Now I have but one burning question. Did my parents actually let me go out of the house like this? Cause if they, did, then double awesome.


Anonymous said...

Look at you! You were 'Hipster' long before anyone would know it was the trend for 2010!! Hello, Fashionista!

On another note, I totally remember that wallpaper (remember when mom tried to paint over it and it started peeling?!) and that horrific laminate flooring... ahhh, memories.

The Fairy King

Kate said...

So do I still get the diamond bracelet if I make fun of this picture??

Ya know what? I'm not a big "diamond" gal anyhow....

Bwahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! So did you have aspirations of joining the cast of "Fame?" Or "Flashdance??"

Cheasty said...

FK, i don't remember the painting the wallpaper incident. what are you, an elephant?

kate, no way. i wanted to be eliza doolittle or davy crockett. given those aspirations, i can't make any sense of this costume, but i love it anyway.