Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Denmark. Just South of Buenos Aires.

Last night as Handsome and I were snuggling before bedtime, the topic of baby names came up, and how, because his first name is his great-grandmother's last name, his name is all last names. And whoa, because I never use (and might drop entirely) my first name, my name is all last names, too! So we were saying it would be funny if we had any kids and gave them all family surnames as well, and we could be a whole family with no first names. I know, what a riot, right? So then this happened:

"Handsome, what was your grandmother's maiden name?"
"Yes, it's Danish. Like Raúl Dahl."


"Honey, did you just say Raúl Dahl?"
"Yeah, you know, the famous kids' book writer?"
"You mean Roald Dahl?"

(silence. Actually, not silence at all, because I was cackling like a banshee, but Handsome wasn't talking.)

"Yes, Roald. Not Raúl. Heee hee hee, hooo hoo hoo, ha haa haaaaa! Raúl Dahl, the famous Danish kids' book writer! Haa haa ha!!! You're such a dumbo!!"

"Actually, Cheasty, I'm pretty sure it's Raúl Dahl. You remember. He wrote that famous book, James and the Giant Horchata."

I almost fell out of the bed I was laughing so hard. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love this man.


Renny said...

Haha, well-played, Handsome! Well-played indeed.

Cheasty said...

He's well under par.

Kate said...

Stopping by via Kate's blog. Your husband's comeback is classic, but he may be almost right (I won't tell him if you don't). Interesting timing seeing this, since I just heard something in passing about Dahl on NPR. It caught my ear bc the commentator pronounced his name "Ru-al" Dahl. So I googled it, and depending on where you look, that's apparently one of the correct pronunciations. Go figure. I've been saying it wrong my whole life.

Kate said...

He's a so funny, he make-a me laugh.