Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow. Just... wow.

So I had about a gajillion posts all planned out, lo these 10 days ago. I was planning to do a special post to show off my surprise (see the parents coming to visit post if you're scratching your head) new skill. I was planning to do a post on creating a bridal registries, a theme I promise to revisit.

But then my hard drive crashed on my laptop. I lost about 3 weeks of work on my dissertation, and not because I didn't back it up. I totally backed it up. But the file was corrupted when I retrieved it from my external hard drive. Thanks, External Hard Drive! Still, no biggie, because in exchange for losing 3 weeks of (who are we kidding) slightly crappy work, I got a new free computer! Well, almost new, and almost free, which as far as I'm concerned is good enough.

Apple called it an equipment malfunction, so even though it was 3 years old, they just gave me a new hard drive for free. Whammo! And then they noticed that my plastic wrist board and keyboards were cracked and crunked up, and hey! That's an equipment malfunction, too! Whammo! New clothes for my laptop, free! So now I'm sure there's some inner workings that are still 3 years old. The battery, I think, and is there something called a motherboard? Maybe yes? I don't know what it is, but it's the only other computer word I know, so we'll call it that. Then I shelled out $170 for the new Snow Leopard X operating system, and hello, Nancy. This sucker is FANCY. Guess what, world, I can open docX now!

So I've spent the last week reconfiguring my programs, reloading documents and photos and music and putting them back in albums, and (this part actually was a total bummer) re-doing my entire calendar, which I keep on iCal, and was gone, baby, gone. Thank God I've got elephant genes and remember almost everything. Except, you know, for the things I forget. So if we were supposed to have lunch yesterday and I mysteriously didn't show up, now you know why.


Anonymous said...

And i sat at that cafe, just waiting waiting waiting. you never showed. But now I understand; it was the computers fault. Suuuuuure.

The Fairy King

Kate said...

Maybe she lost the e-ticket from the airline for the flight down under?

(I'm going to feel like a total jackass if I remembered incorrectly where TFK is right now.)

Cheasty said...

The FK is indeed Down Under, Kate. Excellent memory! He is also full of mierda, as I in no way stood him up for a date down on the Circular Quay. It would've been nice to be headed down that way, though!

Kate said...

Oh I could smell the sarcasm. I know that you wouldn't stand him up, at least not when he is in such a beautiful place.