Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Did Not Have Fun At All

No matter what these pictures indicate, keep in mind that Handsome and I had a horrible, wretched, terrible, atrocious, awful time in San Francisco on our anniversary trip.

The weather was terrible.

The sights were banal.

We had one raging fight after another.

We didn't see any good friends.

We didn't do anything funny, or jump for joy.

We drank terrible wine.

We couldn't get back home soon enough, and kissed the ground of Texas when we landed, swearing never EVER to travel again.


Frank Irwin said...

That sounds like my trip to Venice (Italy, not California) a few years ago. I'm glad that I went, so that I can say I did, and now I never have to go back.

The only difference is that I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a terrible trip... you should have just come to Sydney...

The Fairy King

H-SPO said...

Man. I don't know how you carried on. That was unbearable.