Monday, March 29, 2010

In Loco Parentis

Hello blog, this is Birdie. Cheasty wanted to write today, but she has too much work. Given that she takes such excellent and tender care of me, I thought that writing to you on her behalf was the least I could do. I'm not sure what else to say now, as I've used up most of my words. I still have a few left, such as: treat! Nap! Walk? Treat! TREAT! Rub my ears.



libélula azul said...

Awww Birdie, thanks for stepping in for Cheasty. You are awesome! If I was a little closer, geographically speaking, I would happily rub your ears for you!

Cheasty said...

Thanks, Libélula Azul. I and my ears certainly appreciate the sentiment. Love, Birdie.

Kate said...

I could be there in just two short hours to do some ear rubbage!