Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey everybody, sorry for the prolonged silence, but SPRING BREAK! So far, so groovy. Also, 30 Rock. Handsome's been sick for a good handful of days, during which time we realized we could watch all seasons of this magnificent show online through our Netflix, and sad though it is to admit it, we're completely immersed. We might or might not have watched 7 or 8 episodes in a row the other day, (blushes), a fact made even more outrageous by the glorious spring that has sprung all about us. This addiction is hideous and must come to an end, which it will in approximately 15 more episodes.

In other news, we are off this morning on a jaunty vacation over to New Orleans, a place I have never been. Huzzah! Updates later, cats. For now, we're totes outie (as the youngsters say).


Kate said...

Have fun!

Also, 30 Rock is the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME!!! Shut it down, shut it down.

Frank Irwin said...

Are you going to watch basketball, or just going?

Don't forget to suck the heads!

Renny said...

Don't forget to get yourself some Hurricane Katrina hot sauce!

Cheasty said...

KATE. yes it is. "i want to go to there" is now a staple of my vocabulary.

FRANK. no b-ball, except what's on the teevee. if UNC ain't in it, I ain't in it.

RENNY. already bought several bottles, on account of how awesome it is. can't wait to see you when i get back!

Kate said...

I use that phrase (I want to go to there) much too often! I also love "blurg" and "don't look at me in the eyes."

Frank Irwin said...

UNC? I thought you were a Dookie.