Monday, January 10, 2011

OMG. Home Owner?

Yes, you read that correctly. I, Amazing Cheastypants, teller of tales, trotter of globes, avoider of entangling commitments, am not only about to get married - a feat that causes a younger version of myself to fall in a dead faint to the floor - but I am 3 nanoseconds away from being a real-live, totally official homeowner. It's a little run-down, it needs a lot of loving, but it's bright blue, in the best neighborhood in Austin, and I get to live in it with my ineffably gorgeous Love Muffin, Mr. Amazing Handsomepants. I die with delight.

Before I dance and laugh and squeal my way through the next few months of my life, however, I feel that right now I ought to pause for a brief moment of silence in remembrance of the girl I used to be. A woman who wondered if partnering up for life was really worth it. A woman who started to get itchy feet if she stayed in any one place longer than 6 months. Not that I'd trade in all the experiences those itchy feet got me into, but really, Younger Me. You were missing out.

To infinity, and beyooooooooonnnnnnnd!


Kate said...

Welcome to adulthood! It's not so bad here really. And you can still tell tales and trot the just have something else to tell tales about and your very own home to back to, along with a new entangled commitment.

Much happiness to you my friend.

Adrianne said...

All the best to you, my dear. You are a force to be reckoned with - homeowner or not.

Less than three to infinity and beyond.

Emily said...

Congrats! How exciting to OWN a home! I still have matured enough to sign my name to a location forever (and that's saying something since I've signed myself to two - almost three - children). So way to go! And one note on the wedding planning (that I wish someone had told me): Nothing that you plan will have any lasting impact except one thing: your photographer. The dress will never be worn again, the food will get eaten (and not much by you or Handsome), the flowers will wilt, no one will remember the decorations or colors (or cupcake liners), and the only lasting memory you have will be the pictures. So pick someone you like - and let the rest go. Enjoy your day! Sounds like you a wonderful match!