Friday, March 13, 2009

The Father of My Future Children

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have a special present for you. I know that normally I try to keep my love life private, but today I am just too happy to keep this to myself. You want to know why, don´t you. Well okay, then, I´ll tell you. Today, after waiting and searching and dreaming for 31 years for the man of my dreams to appear and sweep me off my feet, it is done. My heart, once mine to give freely, has been permanantly taken off the market. It now belongs to this guy: the father of my future children. Check out this video and tell me you aren´t going to fight me for him. He drives me crrrrrrrrraaaaazzzzyyyyyy!!


Anonymous said...

Hysterical! LOVE the pink swim cap. Your children will be very enthusiastic!

Anonymous said...

This was the first thing I watched this morning. Scary! And all I could think was 'damn that Daniel would make a good looking chick'.... ha ha.


Kate said...

Are you sure that you are the type he would go for?

Anonymous said...

OMG that was the best thing ever!!! I LOVE his suit at the beginning!! i need that in my life!! where can i get one!!!

The Fairy King

ps - im totally gonna fight you for him... and something tells me that i might stand a slightly better chance at winning.... Sweet Baby Face better watch out!!!

originalrager said...

In the words of a woman more adept at describing these things than me, "That's Hot!"

Cheasty said...

Lindsey - first thing i´m doing when i meet him is stealing that swim cap. grrrrr!

cookie, fess up. is daniel really you?

kate. oh fine. but can´t we share him? ;)

FK, i´ll break your fingers if you dump SBF for MY husband!

OR, you are correct.