Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Meeellllllttttiiiiinnnnnggggg...

Oh sweet lord, it's so hot you could fry an egg on my forehead. In fact, you could fry an egg on my forehead while I'm standing up, that's how hot it is, cause if you threw a handful of raw egg at my face it would just sort of flash-cook and stick to the surface, like, POW! Cooked egg. I spent most of yesterday in a small room with a tin roof and limited ventilation. By the time it was over I'd sweated so much that I think I lost 50% of my body weight and, oh, more or less 90% of my soul in water weight. Thankfully, once the sun set, a light breeze picked up, and I spent the rest of the evening under the mango tree in a rocking chair, dodging falling fruit, fanning myself madly with a newspaper, and trying to rehydrate.

I know once I'm back in the States I'll probably bitch about how people over air condition buildings and gah, I shouldn't have to bring a sweater to work in the summer, but right now I'd kill for a little air conditioning. As it is, I'm practically glued to the fan in my room. If I get any closer I'll risk losing fingers, or worse, my whole face.

Other than the heat, which I know I'll get used to, life is good. I found some great information in the archive I worked in yesterday, and guess what, I have one more, count it, ONE MORE interview to do this afternoon, and then wa-la! I'll be done with my work in Nicaragua, having accumulated thousands of pages of documents and 76 interviews. Whew! I'm heading out to Leon tomorrow to pick up some stuff I left there, mail a painting I bought for my mom, and to stay at my favorite hotel for one night of pampering and bliss. Ooh, AC, hot water, and a bathtub!! Cable TV and rum and coke! Ooh la la! I'm looking forward to a nice dinner with Jim and the Doc, and then it'll be back here, throw some stuff in my suitcase, and head out to el aeropuerto to catch the 1 a.m. flight back to the Yooosa.

I'll post an update Tuesday or Wednesday, but until then, hasta luego. Smoochies!


Lindsey said...

Being the heat-loving mammal I am, I must confess to a raging jealousy. I'm sitting on top of my heat vent, wrapped up in a blanket, squaw-style, trying not to freeze to death.

judy_watts said...

T-minus 8 hours.

<3 Cookie

Samsmama said...

I absolutely could not survive with air conditioning. Just couldn't do it.

The image of frying an egg on your forehead was extra funny.

Prunella Jones said...

Hope you are enjoying a fine Rum and Coke right now. Drink one for me! Glug, glug.