Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inexplicable Things

There are a fair number of things I do not understand in this world. I do not understand how to spell cappucchino (argh, foiled again), and I do not understand why, when Australia is more than 3x bigger than Greenland, Greenland looks 3x bigger than Australia on most maps. To be fair, I do understand that there are explanations (Italian, in the first case, Mercatur projection in the second), I just don't understand how those explanations work.

But this, that I am about to share with you? This I do not understand, nor do I believe there is a single logical, rational, or even irrational explanation for what follows. I received this in a fowarded email from my nutto little sister Crasey yesterday, and am inexplicably fascinated:

Apparently, a friend of Crasey's is getting married, and wrote the following note (verbatim) to her hairdresser:

Hi [name redacted],
I wanted to give you an updated list of how many girls will be getting hair and/or makeup on july Xth. There will be 5 for hair (including me) and 7 for makeup (including me). Do you accept checks for their payments? Who should they make it out to?
[Name redacted]

And this, apparently, was her response:

Hi [name]. Loken for to do your wedding. I well hav a assisten ef me your day wedding. I well col you getin clour. I wod leke to be paed in cach wf pasebol. I'm wk now I coll you tommor love [name].

Seriously? I neither understand, nor do I believe there is even an explanation because I've tried out every explanation I can think of, and none of them hold water. I am mystified, fascinated, and entertained.


Renny said...

One of my favorite recent emails was from my sister, who was in Israel (I think) when she wrote it. Apparently the keyboards there have the z and the y in opposite places from American keyboards, with hilarious results. I loved reading about her crayz kazaking adventures with the lawzers.
She also had a g-chat conversation with my parents a few days after that, and claimed to be using a keyboard with no letters on it. It looked remarkably similar to the hairdresser's reply. My sister ended the conversation with "lober you, tume to go."

Brown said...

This hairdresser is obviously a teenager from Slovenia missing a few fingers.....duh.

I'd totally go somewhere else. That shit aint right.

Anonymous said...

if you read it really really really fast....

.... yeah, still doesnt make any sense...

I tried.

The Fairy King

Gorilla Bananas said...

It makes perfect sense to me. Apart from the word "pasebol" and one or two others.