Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Argument For Never Giving Out Your Number

You know, sometimes I bemoan my perennially single status. I talk about how it's hard to meet people, how all the good guys seem to be taken, how I always meet wonderful men at the worst possible times and then it never works out, and yada yada yada. Well as of today I officially renounce even the slightest inclination to complain, because in all the history of my life nobody has ever left me voice mail messages like this. Listen. Really. And keep listening, because OH MY GOOD LORD, THIS DUDE IS CRAZY.

I got this off another blog, and here's the back story to these phone messages, according to him:

The back story on this is that a girl named Olga was out with her friends in the Marina district of San Francisco and she talked to this guy named Dmitri for all of two minutes. Then she gave him her card and said “give me a call.” The following are the messages he left. Listen to the whole thing, it just keeps getting better and better. (4 minutes) - Watch more free videos


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

he had to "get the heck out of the area" because he made many women other than olga verrry, very angry in that area.

"i am a very direct, passionate, assertive man..." "i don't play games like that... i'm great in bed... i'm a complete catch..."


what's with "elegant"? and hearing him say over and over, "there's nothing WRONG with me."


Cheasty said...

no kidding, right? i've been making people listen to this all day and every person's face starts out amused, then a little incredulous, then stunned, and then finally they reach a point where it passes even the pretense of normalcy and they sort of shout out loud some non-verbal cry of disbelief and start laughing uncontrollably. i love this guy!

Evan Ross said...

Oh My God!!! I swear, I think my sister may know this guy. At least, I know she knew a guy in the Marina District with the same name who was also Greek. And he was weird. Ok, so let me get back to you ...

Ashesh said...

This guy has his head stuck up so far up his ass he cannot tell it apart!!!

Alison said...

oh my god! oh my god! that is insane!