Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oops. Weather Report.

I couldn't check the weather forecast before I headed off to the Caribbean coast? Goodbye riots in Managua, hello tropical depression. I've never actually seen a palm tree bend almost in half before, but now I know it's possible. Leaving on the first plane out, back to western Nicaragua. Might just head to the lake. Internet painfully slow. Might start weeping. Or maybe beat my head on the wall? Also an attractive option. At least Moxita the Amazing Fifi Poodle and I are still making each other laugh. You guys should hear the new funny accent I just figured out how to do. That's me, always exploring new frontiers in boredom-inspired hilarity. Will be performing live in Austin this December!

A few notes to address very excellent and valid points raised in yesterday's comments:

Regarding election violence, it will calm down soon. Additionally, all riots are planned ahead and advertised widely, so they are easy to avoid. I just have to read the paper every day and keep talking to people to stay abreast of current news. As for my friend who was killed, he was in Guatemala, not Nicaragua, and he was traveling on a bus that wasn't a major busline, which I will not do. Plus, I'm not going to Guatemala. As for life here in Nica, I have finished all my archival work now (just waiting for final photocopies to be ready for pickup), and am heading up to the mountains (small towns, safe places, very chill) to scout out some field work locations for oral history interviews. I will not be moving about in Managua that much. Believe me, if I really felt that I was in danger, I'd be on the first plane home. This is work, and it is not worth my life. What all this election craziness constitutes for me is a pain in the ass, but not a real danger. I promise, if that changes, I'm out of here. Thank you all for your concern, I promise I'm doing all I can to stay safe and away from political demonstrations.


clergywm said...

My darling daughter,
I was speaking with a friend yesterday, and the topic of you being in Nicaragua came up. Not that I have been anxious or anything, anyway she related the comment of a friend of hers made while advising a young woman who was considering travel abroad. She said, "My dear, never let a mere revolution interfere with your travels!" I have no idea what this woman looks like, but in my minds eye, she looks remarkably similar to you!
Love, hugs and kisses,
Captain Mommypants

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

stay safe, cheasty!

(love the comment by your mom. you guys are so freaking cute.)

Mr. Poopie said...

I lived in Central America for 18 years and there were plenty of demonstrations and even a little American invasion you may of heard of called Operation Just Cause. I made it out okay. You'll be fine. It's the empanadas with bad meat in them that you should worry about.

Renny said...

Haha, I agree with mr. poopie on that one.
I'm glad to hear that they schedule the madness and it's avoidable. Have fun in the mountains and keep a machete on you at all times! Speaking of cutting devices, I'm going to Jacques Dessange in a mere 2 hours. How jealous are you? Nya nya.

Evan Ross said...

Cheasty- I'm so happy you're taking care of yourself and watching your back. The anecdotal stories we all have to tell about "I went to this place and ended up just fine" are completely invalidated by all the silent mourning for those without voice to say, "Hey! It's bad here! Stay away!" So I'm sincerely happy to read about your precautions and proactive actions to stay safe.

And here in Rio de Janeiro, with 17 murders per day, maybe I'm the biggest hypocrite, but I try my best to stay clear of trouble spots. That doesn't mean it's not scary and it's not real, because it is.

And while we all need to cut our own journey, those we love opened up the way, facilitated our march, and it is important to remember that with each step, we take them with us, their worries, concerns, and most importantly, their love, and so it is good to watch out for them as well, to make sure we dance another dance, uninjured and free to play again.

Just a concerned friend who'd like to get another hug from you soon.

Cheasty said...

mama - thanks, my poopskie. i love you so much. ps. you're hilarious.

mofm - will do!

mr poopie - exackery what i've been saying! and also, what exactly are you suggesting - that the USA invaded a Latin American nation? Poppycock, I say!

renny - i am green with envy. the amazing cheastypants hair is now an unrecognizable wilderness of insanity. jacques will have his work cut out for him. machetes may or may not be involved.

evan - word. also, one hug scheduled for you. does january work for you?