Thursday, September 25, 2008

And A Special Shout-Out For Penata, the Radiant Birthday Girl.

Oh, Penata. I'm sorry I didn't write this yesterday on your real birthday, but friends, family, Internet, would you all please wish a very happy birthday to the most wonderful girl in the world? On that day almost two years ago when I needed a roommate and somebody suggested you, I was less than enthusiastic. I mean, who wanted to live with a stranger? But oh, my goodness, how lucky I got. How lucky we both got. You moved in and we instantly threw the best party in the history of the world. God, I will never forget those wine stains on the white carpet. Or Nan running in, drunk as a sailor, pouring white wine on top of the red wine stains, swearing that it would help the stains come out. God, that was a great party. We looked around the next morning and it looked like somebody had slaughtered a goat in the living room. But that wasn't the only great thing about living together. Miraculously we found our wardrobes doubled! You need shoes? I got 'em. I need jewelry? My God, do you have jewelry. We laughed together, we cried together, we went dancing, drank ourselves silly, shared our hopes and crushes and heartaches. I decided I would marry your brother (you know, once he's legal), and you bemoaned the fact that the Fairy King would never be yours. Oh, how much fun we had!

And then we moved into the Tweed. Oh, Tweedettes, how I miss you! *Hi Umulu! Hope you're having fun at ACL this weekend!* More fun, more great parties. Leave a key under Edward if you're going out, sit down on the counter and swig some wine while we cook a fabulous meal, be quiet, Cheasty's studying over in the Punishment Chair, does anybody want some tea?

My dear, you are wonderful. I hope your birthday was the greatest birthday in the world. I miss you so much, and I officially forbid you to go do your research year in Mexico next year. I just can't take two straight years without my Penata!


Anonymous said...

WAH!!! That makes me jealous that I never lived with any of my friends! I jumped right from my parents' house into marital bliss. That is so AWESOME to have a friend like that.
Happy Birthday, Penata!
(And I want to come to the next Cheasty/Penata party.)

Mr. Poopie said...

Well, any friend of the Cheasty is a friend of mine, unless of course they spill red wine on MY white carpet. Feliz Cumpleanos Penata!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

happy birthday, penata!

cheasty, these types of posts make me wish that you and i were best friends. the world could certainly use more cheastys. (was gonna type "cheasties", but i thought this way was more appropriate. ahem.)

Cheasty said...

lindsey - you rock, mamacita, and you are DEFINITELY invited to the next cheastypants party! I'll give you plenty of warning so you can arrange a babysitter.

mr. poopie, you are magnanimous as always. please come to my next party. leave your white carpet at home, please, as the wine flows freely.

mofm, a girl can always use one more best friend. you come to the party too, and we can bond. :)


Renny said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody-- especially my darling Cheastypants! I feel so very loved :)