Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Am In Love. Also, Very Wet.

Happy Sunday, my poppets! Here I am back in Managua after a fantastic weekend off in the colonial town of León, about 90 minutes northwest from here. I am completely in love with that town, and I'm dying to tell you all about it and show you some of my pictures, but first things first, I've got to dry off. As Alta and I walked home from where the bus dropped us off this afternoon, it started raining. Although "raining" seems like something of an understatement, as within 10 minutes, the streets looked like this:

Within seconds we were completely soaked and no taxi would pick us up, so we had to wade home through filthy, foul Managua rainwater up to our knees in many places. Up to our knees! In ten minutes! My god, it was gross, all the trash floating down the rivers, er, I meant to say streets, and at one point we walked past a fountain of waste water spewing up from an overflowing sewer line, and uughghghghghghughghghghgh gross-o-disgustingpants-ick-ick-woof-barfy-mcbarfyson. I was WALKING IN THAT SHIT! Here, this is me BEFORE I realized just exactly how foul all the water was.

I'd post a pic of how I looked afterwards, but you don't want to see that face, not that we paused long enough for another photoshoot. We finally made it home, where I jumped in the shower and scrubbed nearly all of my skin off. I'll post pics and stories of León tomorrow, but for now I've got to go wash my clothes, finish saying ick ick ick a million times, and get some dinner. Back to the archives tomorrow!


Renny said...

Yay enormous rainstorms! Perhaps I should have sent you a little inflatable raft?

Anonymous said...

Major ew-ness to the extreme....

Glad you got a shower!

The Fairy King

Judy said...

Jason and I had a similar experience, I think in the same city! Oh don't you love the rainy season? : )

Good luck with the archives!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i was all, "awww, running through the rain soaked streets... harumph, no cab would stop..." and then you mentioned the sewage.

GROSS! i seriously hope you were able to take a nice, long, scrubby bath!

Cheasty said...

yes, a raft, please, renny!

for the record, i've been informed that no matter how revolting that nasty water looked or smelled, it was not sewage. i remain incredulous, especially given that i am now completely and totally sick, but that's the 'official' story.