Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Love This Joke, Ten.

Superman was kind of in a funk. He and Lois Lane had broken up, and while he had since developed a massive crush on Wonder Woman, the feisty lady was having none of it. "No way, Superman," she'd told him. "I've had it with men in tights and capes. You're barking up the wrong tree." Superman was disheartened, but he continued to hope that one day his lady love would change her mind.

"Maybe she'll soften up to me when we're at the Superhero Convention in Vegas," he mused. His buddy Spiderman just laughed at him and told him to give it up, but Superman was pretty convinced that the convention would be his big opportunity. After all, what happens in Vegas... well, you know how it goes. So the next day he's flying through the air like a speeding bullet, on his way to the convention, and then, right there in the desert on the outskirts of Vegas, he sees something he never thought he'd see in his whole life. There on the ground lay Wonder Woman, totally naked, and arranged in a position that could only be called 'inviting.' "Woo-hooo!" thought Superman. "I was right! Boy oh boy, does she want me! It's my golden opportunity, and here I go!" And with a flick of the wrist and a dip of the head, zwooom! Down he swooped to take advantage of Wonder Woman's non-verbal offer.

Several hours later, Superman limped into the convention center. His eyes were blackened, his cape torn and dirty, and he was missing a couple of teeth. "Holy sheetballs, Soop!" exclaimed Spidey. "What in the heck happened to you?!"

"Well, remember how I told you I thought maybe Wonder Woman would want to hook up with me?" began Superman. Spidey nodded, and Superman told him how he'd seen Wonder Woman out in the desert, naked and spread out on the ground, and how he'd taken that for an invitation. "Ooooooh, man! And you got your ass kicked!" exclaimed Spiderman. "Looks like Wonder Woman was pretty surprised to see you!"

"Yeah, she was surprised all right," grumbled Superman, "but not half as surprised as The Invisible Man."

Ahhhh, wacka wacka wacka! Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.


Kate said...

Har, har, har....a regular comedienne you are!

Cheasty said...

I know, it's a really bad joke. Also, a trifle more blue than what I'd normally post, but what the heck, I thought. It's my blog, and I really do love this joke!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

my husband told me this joke when we first started dating. he laughed and laughed and laughed... i just groaned. like the invisible man must have.

clergywm said...

Daughter - - wherever did you get your sense of humor?!? You have lost all rights to comment on my jokes!!
Capt. Mommypants