Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hello there, my poppets, I'm sorry I didn't post earlier this week, but sweet lord I've been distracted. I am writing today from the family home in NC, and it's funny how I always forget how effing LOUD this place is. There are never fewer than 3 people talking at the same time, and, being AmazingPantses, each one of us is constitutionally incapable of not interfering in everybody else's business, and also, we fight endlessly over who gets the seat next to the fireplace (Umulu invariably wins), but dear lord I love this gang. I never laugh more, or get more hugs, more cheerful insults, and more unconditional love than I do right here. Yum, yum. I am so happy to be here with the people I love the most, and who love me the most. Compounding the glory, this morning I got a coonskin cap for Christmas. A genuine, Davy Crockett, tail-still-attached coonskin cap. I look marvelous.

I'm amazed at all the changes that have taken place while I've been gone. Captain Mommypants's cute little puppy Obadiah is now the size of a Shetland pony (no joke). The Fairy King also got a new puppy, a little Cairn terrier the size of a guinea pig; he and Obie are now BFF. It's hilarious to watch them playing together, and even more awesome when we separate them, cause they just stare wistfully at each other from across the room. "Oh please please please let me play with my new best friend!" I love dogs.

Bug is growing fast, but the best thing is how much better he's talking! Full-on, complete sentences. But I guess that's life, right? It just keeps ticking on, even when you leave the country for four months.

All right, sorry for the brief and decidedly mundane nature of today's post, but it's Christmas and Bug is calling me to go on a hike in the woods. For a brief second I deliberated: "Internet? Or hiking with my brother. Internet? Brother?" Sorry folks, but Bug won out. I'll check back in later. Hope you all are having wonderful holidays with wonderful people!

Love and all the other wonderful things,
Amazing Cheastypants.


Renny said...

Merry Christmas Cheastypants!! I'm glad to hear you're having such a great time with your family, tell them all hi for me! I'm having a wonderful time here in Tucson, enjoying lots of fires and cookies and Christmas lights. I miss you, I'm so happy we'll get to hang out for a few days in Jan before you return to the lovely land of Nicaragua.

Cheasty said...

Rrrreeeeeeeennnnnnyyyyyyyy!!!!! I miss you toooooooooooo!!

Kate said...

Merry Christmas darling Cheastypants. I know your family is absolutely adoring having you home.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!!!. Best to those I know and to the other family memebers that I hope to meet...all are welcomed to the hotel

A beautiful Christmas from NI...I sent most employees home and son cooked lamb and we had dinner on the terrace..with family and some guests, including Dr. Beau, who was away from his family..

KC you were missed....