Monday, June 22, 2009

FAME!! I'm Gonna Live Forever!!

Oh, just guess what I got in the mail this morning. A package with 4 copies of an academic journal, The U.S. Catholic Historian!! I know, not normally the sort of thing that sends me into trills of upper-octave exuberance, but LOOK!!

Left column, third one down. Open to page 45.

I'm published! IN PRINT! I've had other stuff published on-line before, but this feels unbelievably cool.


Bev said...

WOW!!!! Go Cheasty!!! That is outstanding. (clapping & cheering)

Nice job!

Prunella Jones said...

How do you say congratulations in Spanish? ;)

Kate said...

Prunella-- La Congratulationas! (See how those two years of Spanish worked for me in high school??)

Cheasty--You are clearly so very awesome. I cannot believe I didn't notice it when my subscription to the U.S. Catholic Historian came this month!

Seriously though....way to go!! You rock!

Mala said...

Go you!!!!!! WOO-HOO!

(and also, am I the only one who thought Cheasty was a nickname, presumably cause you have a nice rack? I know, I know... it rhymes with "tasty". But again, I thought it was tongue-in-cheek (shut up Frank), like how we shop at Tarjay.)

No matter. Congrats!

Cheasty said...

bev - thank you very much!

prunella - congratulations in spanish is "pendejo!" try it next time you meet a latino in the street.

kate- shhhhhhhh! don't throw pru any hints! i'm trying to fool her! also, do try to keep up with your periodicals, darling. it's so uplifting and educational.

mala - no, frank thought it was a nickname too, but i fooled you all, didn't i. mwa-ha-ha-ha! also, i feel i ought to correct the mistaken impression some people seem to have about the quality and quantity of my rack. actually, nevermind. you're right. it's HUGE!! and also, FANTASTIC!!!

rkintn said...

Congratulations! Yep, put me on the nickname train as well LOL That's really cool you got all published and shit;) I'm totally jealous:)

Alison in CO said...

Congrats! And, damn you, too. That FAME! song is stuck in my head. I even just danced across the room to answer the phone. It'll be with me all day.

Maybe I'll pick up my copy of US Catholic Historian and see if any classic hyms are included. Nah, I'll stick with FAME!

Don't worry: We'll always remember your name. FAME! (damn song)

Anonymous said...

I'm so honored to be friends with Cheastypants, amazing writer, blogger and one day Poet Laureate.


Samsmama said...

Begins slow clap...waits for others to join in...we all rise to our feet...standing ovation!


Cheasty said...

y'all are hilarious. thank you, thank you, i'd like to say i couldn't have done it without all the little people...

Frank Irwin said...

Feliz Cumpleanos! I thought you seemed a bit schismatic when we met, but decided I was just imagining things.

And quit trying to get Prunella in trouble!

Poet Laureate, Cookie? How about Limerick Laureate? I think we need one of those.

All seriousness aside, Congratulations, Cheasty!

moxita said...

congratulations con mucho mucho gusto!

so very proud of my schwitzie

Krissyface said...

I knew I was in trouble when Olivia Newton-John became my hero at 6 years old. Not the good Sandy, the bad, black spandex, cig-smoking, Candee Heels wearing, sex-having Sandy.

Things definitely went downhill from there.

Renny said...

Yay!!! You're a real, official historiette now!!