Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello, I'm Mr. Right.

A friend of mine just sent me this link with an inquiry as to whether he ought to do a similar video profile to pep up his dating life. All I have to say is GOOD LORD WATCH THIS VIDEO IMMEDIATELY. Also, having just signed up for a little eBay dating myself, I am now officially terrified. Are all men this nutto? Seriously? Perhaps I should implant a GPS tracking device under my skin so that in case some crazy dude who thinks I'm a "Donna Juanita," whatever in the hell that means, (watch video) kidnaps me, forces me to cut my hair in a mullet, and brainwashes me into singing backup for a nightclub act at a local strip joint under the alias "Chesty LaRue," ...well in case that happens at least somebody will be able to track me down and rescue me.


Frank Irwin said...

No hampsters?

I also like the way that the guy is using a glove to hold the rose, so that he doesn't prick hi wittle finger.

EBay is a good place to find dates. I look under "Engagement rings for sale."

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. I have gotten Play Boy for the past 25 years sounds AWESOME.. I mean he also gets TIME. What more can you ask for?

Kate said...

Oh holy hell, Chesty, I mean Cheasty, that video almost made me want to vow to lick Andy's feet every night for the rest of our lives, just to show him how grateful I am that he is who he is.

I'm thinking that you might want to talk with FK and SBF about a serious lifestyle change and get some advice from them. Because if those videos are representative of what's left out there, you might just want to let that door swing the other way. Just sayin'

Renny said...

WOW. wow. So many winners, how's a girl to choose?

Cheasty said...

Frank, classy as always, my friend. :)

Courtney, he was my pick, too. Except for Mr. "the woman, a woman, any woman, every woman." he was haawwwwt!

Kate, you lucked out big time, and don't you forget it. it's a scary scary world out there. ;)

Renny, when in doubt just close your eyes and point your finger.

onebadmamajama said...

I think every one of these guys has contacted me on plentyoffish! LOL It's hard out there for a pimp!

Jennoit said...

You might also enjoy this fine example of a pretty awesome guy. Voice mail only - just imagine what he looks like!