Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Boy and His Dog

My little brother Bug is a cutie. Genuine, bona fide adorable. He's six, he's sweet, he's silly, and full of energy. He's got four siblings who positively dote upon him, and parents who believe that the sun rises and sets by his smile. He lives in the country on beautiful land, he frolics in fields and cavorts by the river. He runs his little legs off and swims in the pool. He's a happy kid.

Up until recently, however, in spite of this glorious childhood dreamworld, there was one little problem with Bug's life. Out there in the country he was all alone.

It's not that he wasn't having fun, for he certainly was.

He had buckets of fun. It's just that he had buckets of fun by himself.

But then came this little guy...

And it was love at first sight. Oh, the frolicking.

Oh, the running and gallivanting and hippity-hoppiting!

These two, in the slightly modified words of the deaf people on the elevator in Jerry Maguire, complete each other.

They are funny and sweet and utterly inseparable.

So little Bug is still having one heck of a grand life out there in the country, but now he does it with a friend.

Welcome to the family, Maddox.


Kate said...

So, so very precious. Bug and a buddy. I love that he's hippity-hoppiting in his underwear. And sheesh, is he a soccer player??? He's got some leg muscles!

Captain Judy said...

Can this be a children's book! Please!!! ; )

Anonymous said...

This is why i couldnt possibly have taken Maddox back after we return to the states!! How could i?? it would have been heartbreaking to both of them, i think... so.... enjoy the buddy, Bug!! I know he will be missed at my house, but from the looks of things, i dont think Maddox will notice....

So glad that i got to see you!!

The Fairy King

Brown said...

Welcome indeed! Certainly beats imaginary friends. Most of the time anyway...