Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where Have You Been All My Life, Jane?

Unlike most women of my age and stage, I had, until recently, neither read Pride and Prejudice, nor seen any of its various film iterations. But, Cheastypants, you ask in wonderment, whyever not? Are you not a great fan of romance? Why yes, of course I am, but that, you see, was the problem. At some point in my life, I had formed the entirely mistaken notion that Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy do not end up together at the end of the book. How this happened, I have no idea, but there you have it. So what's the point, I figured. All that heaving and angst and tension, all for nothing in the end? Not for me, thank you.

Well a friend of mine is getting married this weekend, and for her bachelorette bachellorrette bachellorette bachellorette EFF, HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT WORD shindig, she wanted to have a viewing of the 5 hour BBC miniseries of P&P. Good god, I thought. This is a test of loyalty indeed. Luckily for me, another friend was curious enough to inquire why I would rather go to the dentist, and when I told her I didn't see the point in spending 5 hours watching two people melodramatically not get together in the end, she laughed.

"Oh Cheasty, you're hilarious."
"Why is that funny."
"Ummm... wait. What?"
"I wasn't kidding."
"Hang on. You seriously think they don't get together in the end?"
"WHAT?!! How... why.... how... what the heck? How did you come up with that idea?"
"Um... What? Are you telling me they DO get together in the end?"
"Oh. Well, then. All right, I'll watch it."

But I still wasn't convinced. BBC? Five hours? Jane Austen? To paraphrase Joan Rivers, I'm not sure I even want to do something that feels good for that long. But Handsome and I were supposed to do something that evening, too, so I double booked myself and said I'd have to leave early. Whew, I thought. Well done.

Except I didn't plan for one little thing. I LOVED IT. Loved it, loved it, loved it, LOVED. IT. When I finally had to go, I wanted to cry. How on earth would I know what happened after this?

Lucky for me, I was able to borrow the DVDs the next day and watch the hell out of them. Oh, my goodness, I love it. I've spend the past couple of days re-watching my favorite scenes and generally fantasizing about Mr. Darcy.

Oh, sigh. I'm off to buy the book now.


Renny said...

Whoaaaa, the wallpaper in that first scene made me seasick. Whoooaaaa.

I'm going to wait until the version with vampires comes out :)

Captain Judy said...

What a great review! I want to watch this now now now. = )

Cheasty said...

Renny, you disappoint me. With such a zealous declaration of love, and so spirited a rebuttal, how could you possibly focus on the wallpaper? Also, it's not vampires. I think it's zombies. I believe it's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Gross. I hate you and renounce our friendship.

Captain Judy. Clearly you are a friend of my heart.

Renny said...

Damn, zombies aren't nearly as sexy.

And watch the clip again, and you'll see what I mean about the wallpaper.

I reject your renunciation :)

libélula azul said...

I love Jane -- and I didn't discover her until arriving to stay with my dad and his wife in France in my mid-twenties. My dad's wife had placed all her books in my bedroom for some reading and I thought, "Why not?" And then I loved them. And the BBC miniseries too.

Brown said...

My dearest Cheasty, I hesitate only in telling you this over the world wide web in attempts to keep my testicles in tact. However, I must admit, I am deeply partial to the rendition with Keira Knightley. I think you will enjoy it.