Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Too Much Awesome

Hello there, my darlings, I'm back from the land of no blogging with a report of dazzling excellence. My mother, the inimitable Captain Mommypants, and my littlest brother Bug were in town. And it was Handsome's birthday. And the weather was spectacular. And we had parties. And we went on excursions. And we rode trains. And we played music. And we had so much fun. How much fun?

This much fun:

("Sunscreen? We don't need no stinkin' sunscreen." My poor little redhead.)

And this much fun:

(It's official. I know more protest songs from the 1960s than any other woman my age.)

And this much fun:

(Bug's favorite thing in the world is a hammock. Actually, not true. His favorite thing in the world is a pig, but hammocks run a close second. Handsome's portable one was a huge hit at the park.)

My mother and my main squeeze cemented their budding love for one another.

While Umulu and I generally reveled in getting both our mother and our Bug all to ourselves.

It was awesome.


Kate said...

Of course you can play the guitar. You ARE amazing.

I love the picture of Bug in the hammock! But not so much the picture of your feet. Um. Ow.

Cheasty said...

ACK. not my feet, kate! not my feet. those are handsome's feet. i repeat: handsome's feet. criminy. i may not be a sultry femme fatal, but at least i shave my legs.

Kate said...

As Isaac would say: "Oh dear." My apologies my friend!! I only glanced at the picture long enough to see the sunburn and had to look away because MY feet were starting to hurt.

And you are a feminine force to be reckoned with--remember that I was afraid Andy would fall in love with you??

Renny said...

Aww, so much fun! Bug is getting so BIG!

Captain Judy said...

What a great weekend, Cheastypants! At first I thought those were your feet too. Gasp! But then you said redhead and I figured it out. Please tell Handsome Happy Bday for me!!! Hugs hugs hugs.