Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Common Misconceptions Men Have About All-Girl Slumber Parties

Last weekend, a bunch of my girlfriends and I got together for a slumber party, and I was intrigued by the interest this generated among the boys in our group of friends. Prurient speculation of the rankest sort, really, all of which culminated in offers (threats?) to install hidden webcams, or to set up ladders by the various windows in the house we'd be slumber-partying in. So in the interest of preserving harmony between the sexes, and to put those poor boys out of their misery, I'd like to put to rest some common misconceptions about all-girl slumber parties.

Misconception #1: We do not eat anything made of chocolate that isn't physically stapled to an immovable and inedible very heavy object. Just look at Cookie. No chocolate in her teeth whatsoever.

Misconception #2: We do not sit around painting our toenails, braiding each other's hair, and picking each other's noses. Honestly. Where do boys come up with these ideas?

Misconception #3: We do not watch chick flicks and musicals. Only kung fu and action/adventure. Promise.

Misconception #4: We do not drink excessive amounts of wine. We hardly drink at all, in fact. Sobriety is the name of the game.

Misconception #5: We do not have pillow fights in our pajamas.

Misconception #6: We do not paint each other's naked breasts with whipped cream and lick it off.

Erm... no photo for this one. tee hee!


PrincessPi said...

misconception #4(.4?): we don't all sit around in our most uncomfortable g-strings and push-up bras and massage one another.


I mean, my friend Gina always told me that the bra-and-panty combo was typical slumber wear, but it never rang true for me.

Oh my god. Have I been misdressing at slumber parties for the last twenty years? Are my plaid pants a sleep-over no-no?

Christ, do I need to go to Fredericks of Hollywood? I was never any good at this girly stuff.

Judy said...

Dude! A glaring omission by leaving the last photo off. How will the masses ever know the truth without the final photo of said event (not) occurring? Oh well... best to leave things to imagination.

Cheasty said...

princesspi, you DEFINITELY need to get to Frederick's of Hollywood. if you'll look at the picture attached to Misconception #3, you can clearly see that not only are we NOT wearing pajama pants, we're also sporting nipple tassles and feather boas. sheesh, girl. get with the program. ;)

and judy, I tried loading a picture for the last one, but three times I tried, and three times my computer fainted from an overload of gorgeousness. ::sigh:: it just wasn't meant to be, i guess.

Alison said...

alas - i guess some things are simply better read and imagined then seen.

but thank miss cheasty for setting the record straight once and for all and truly dispelling these myths regarding what girls do when they're alone together. the world deserved to know so i'm glad they now do!

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