Monday, March 3, 2008


This weekend was the first ever reunion for my family and some of our cousins. I'd like to tell you about it, but how could I effectively communicate the massive fun, the hectic craziness, the really awesome time we all had? I've been struggling with this one for a while now, and I think that the best way is to highlight one example that typified the spirit of the weekend. After much deliberation, I've decided that the event in question will be (drum roll, please)....

Spontaneous Bouncy Castle Rental and BeerFest!

Coming back from a spectacular hangover recovery brunch at Juan in a Million, we drove past all the piƱata fiesta stores down on the east side. Crasey, not being the type to ever pass up an opportunity to have even MORE fun, made us stop to price check. Cost? $89. Divided by six. Duh. Result? More fun that I thought possible. We got it home, inflated it, called a bunch of friends, put out coolers of beer, lawn chairs, and a stereo, and rocked out. We jumped, we leapt, we learned to do front flips, and then one cousin mastered (I use the term loosely, understand) backflips. We crashed into each other, we laughed, we screamed, we sang old R&B at the top of our lungs, we drank beer, we partied until the damn thing literally collapsed on our heads. It was a superlatively wonderful afternoon, and that night after dinner and bars, we came home, pumped it back up, and did it all again. I love my family.

Here are some pics. I took about a million, but these are a few of my favorites.

I think this one of Crasey and cousin A-Rod needs a name, don't you?

Fairy King got some serious air.

Umulu and Lola laughed till they nearly wet themselves.

My hair had almost as much fun as I did. Notice the cell phone. I believe I took this picture in the middle of a nearly-incoherent phone call to Mutt and Nan to come over and play. They did.

A-Rod and his backflips. He almost stuck the landing. But not quite.

Mutt and Nan. God, I love them.

Now it's Monday, sigh, and the cousins and brother have gone back home. Thank God Crasey is still here, or I'd go into total withdrawal. Speaking of Crasey, here's one of my favorite shots of the weekend. As the Bouncy Castle collapsed and her brothers and cousins smother to death inside, many of us scurried about trying to save them from certain death. Crasey, however, struck a pose with Mr. Incredible. (Although, who am I to judge; it's not like I was all that helpful, either. Instead, I ran around taking 10 million pictures of the collapsing moonwalk. I'm not sure who actually saved the boys, now that I think of it.)

Good bye, cousins.

Goodbye, siblings.

See y'all soon.

(Little brother Bug and busy cousin Kate, see you next time, I hope.)


Sam Marie said...

holy crappers that looks so fun!! that's awesome that you guys had such a great time!!

Cheasty said...

thanks, sam! only wish you'd been in town, too!

H-SPO said...

wow, you are getting really close with angelina jolie.

Erin said...

i think i really like mr. incredible.

hey - also, am i bringing the kids to austin this weekend? what's the deal with that?!

call me beeeotch. (no, wiseass, not "call me beeotch" but "call me, beeotch". stop snickering.)

Alison said...

looks absolutely fabulous...and who knew that such fun was to be had for so little cash?

Cheasty said...

yes, bring the babies!

yes, fun is cheap!

angelina jolie?