Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scary Things On Town Lake

Crasey and I went canoeing yesterday on Town Lake. Town Lake is what Austinites call the Colorado River as it winds through the center of downtown Austin. (Look at a map, skeptics. There are TWO Colorado Rivers!) Say hello to Crasey. She just got a fabulous haircut. (Sorry, that was for my Dad, who wanted to see Crasey's new fabulous haircut. Fabulous, no?)

It was a beautiful afternoon, and we saw many wonderful things. For example, we saw turtles.

Lots of turtles. Turtles are unrepentant sunbathers, it turns out. Shameless hussies. Everybody knows beauty is only skin deep.

There are, government sources estimate, one trillion gajillion ducks on Town Lake.

Crasey: Wow, I wish I had bread crumbs to throw them!
Me: Why?
Crasey: Cause then they'd follow us around!"
Me: No way. One duck, cute. Two hundred ducks, scary.
Crasey: Whatever. Here, watch. I'll throw water at them so they think it's bread crumbs.

She threw water, and delighted in the many many ducks that flocked to our canoe.

Crasey: See? They're so cute!
Me: (silently laughing, cause I'm behind her with the camera, and she doesn't see what I see.)

Crasey: AAAAAAHHHHH!!! What the f&ck?! That thing is huge! Get me out of here NOW!!
Me: Hehe. Ha.

So we left the ducks, and frolicked about the rest of the lake. We paddled around, went under bridges, splashed each other, laughed, talked, and laid down in the canoe, letting the current drift us along. I love Town Lake.


Alison said...

Frankly, I think you're having too good of a time in Austin lately :-) Love the bird shots from both sides of the boat and your sister's reaction :-)

H-SPO said...

love that you can see the huge ass bird's feet.

Cheasty said...

thanks! the water in that part of the river is unbelievably clear -- you can see 15 feet to the bottom. none of my pictures of fish came out clearly, though. big ones down there.

carymc said...

That's a swan. Beautiful but aggressive, especially when food is involved. Notice the ducks getting the heck out of Dodge.

Chasey has nice shoulders.