Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Matagalpa, Pueblito Lindo

Just a quick note to let anybody interested know that I'm in Matagalpa now, safely ensconced at the Hotel Central, a charming little place with a dubious claim to having hot water and a righteous sound system that is programmatically working its way through our favorite hits of the 1980s.  Peter Cetera should be particularly pleased, as he's been highlighted more than once.  I'm meeting some potential housing arrangements today and tomorrow, and should be able to pass along an address soon to those who wish to send me postcards.  In the interim, my cell phone here is 505.490.2264, should anybody be dying to chat me up at exorbitant international rates.  

So all's well.  The transition was amazingly wonderful, and I can only thank my fantastic and wonderful Aunt Mary for that.  You see, I'm not really traveling light this time around, what with bringing lots of books for research and other useless items.  I've got one big bag suitcase, a traveler's pack, and a small backpack, which for me is an outrageous amount of luggage, but there you have it. I was contemplating, with no small amount of dread, the prospect of taxi-ing to a 
bus station, lugging luggage through a bus station, boarding a bus, getting off a bus, finding a taxi, lugging luggage, etc., all in the chaotic environment of the Nicaraguan public transit system.  Then it was as if Mary were right next to me, and I could hear her whisper, "See, this is one of those problems that you can throw a little money at and it will all be much better." So I asked my favorite taxi driver if he'd drive me up to Matagalpa, we haggled a price, and wha-boom.  As usual, Aunt Mary was right. Here I am, for the ridiculous (by Nicaraguan standards) price of $35, and it was worth every penny. Thanks, Mary.  If I keep following your advice I might end up broke, but at least my hair will stop turning gray.


The Sleep Deprived Student said...

Your blog is fantastic! I'm so jealous of the experience you are able to have. Very well done :) Not that it seems you have any intention of stopping, but please keep writing :)

Cheasty said...

thank you so much, SDS. i'll keep on keepin' on!

Kate said...

With any luck you'll be able to find a neighbor with a Bon Jovi habit, I know you have been feeling withdrawals.