Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why I Love Austin

It's because we have people like this. I don't know whether you watch the Ellen DeGeneres show. I don't generally, though I like her, but sometimes I catch something viral that she does, like for example, THIS completely hilarious episode, otherwise known as The Hawaii Chair. But I digress. Watch this conversation Ellen has with Austinite Gladys Hardy, and then try really hard not to want to move here. Gladys Hardy is solid gold.


The Creative Housewife said...

That was hilarious!

Ellen is awesome and so is Gladys!

Kate said...

Had I not just gone to the bathroom, I believe I would have pissed myself laughing so hard. Gladys is a classic southern bird; she reminds me of a lot of the little old ladies down here in Alabama.

"I love Jesus, but I do drink a little." Funny doesn't begin to describe it!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i watch ellen when i'm "working from home." i really do love her. and gladys is priceless. maybe i'm really from TX? AND an 88yr old woman...?

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

"i love jesus, but i drink a little." omfg, i'm dying.