Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New and Wonderful Things

A number of new and wonderful things to be listed in no particular order:

1. Look what I just learned how to do Kate just taught me to do! I've wanted to know how to do that line-through-the-text thing for years!

2. You know what's keeping me up at night? Mangoes. Not, sadly, lascivious dreams of sweet yellow mango meat. Just mangoes. There's a mango tree that hangs right over my bedroom and while they aren't ripe yet, the wind has been pretty strong lately and they're falling on my tin roof by the bucketload. Seriously, it sounds like a hailstorm or something. Loud, loud mangoes.

3. My father (at least, I think it was my father) just sent me the weirdest email of my life. SOMEBODY (you will die, Crasey) let the cat out of the bag about a certain situation that was to remain top secret and he wrote me a very Faulknerian message about how he'd heard I was seeing somebody down here (from DURHAM!!!), and this is how I'm to think about it: God is setting things up in my life, presenting me with opportunities and eligible young men (that's a quote), so I'd better be a good customer (good customer!?!) or God will banish me like the Israelites to Babylon (another quote). For the record, he was kidding about the banishment part, but still. My response was merely an inquiry to see if he really was the person who'd written that, since my father is something of a Biblical scholar and from my fuzzy memories from Vacation Bible School, I'm pretty sure the Israelites were banished to Egypt, not to Babylon, right? Well whatever it was, I loved that email. Half capitalist, half Southern gothic, half Bud Buttinsky. Wait, that's three halves.
UPDATE: I just checked with Captain Mommypants, who is a minister. Turns out my fuzzy memories of Vacation Bible School are appropriately labeled as "fuzzy." Turns out the Israelites did spend exiled years in Babylon. And Syria, for that matter. Who knew?

4. I've been daydreaming about getting my dog when I settle down this summer, so I went over to and took the Choose a Breed Quiz. Here are my results, and I'm charmed by more than one option. I'm also tremendously happy to know that if I so choose, I could get a dog called a Dorkie. Seriously? A dorkie? Nothing's more awesome than that.


Anonymous said...

Hillarious blog as usual. Hope you adopt a rescue dog and save that dog's life

Kate said...

Hooray for you!!! You did it, now you can take sarcasm to a new level.

Now, my brother lives in Florence, SC. He moved there after graduating from NC State, so he is VERY familiar with the Raleigh/Durham area and would be more than happy to meet you there..... (Of course I have to tell him about you first.)

Cheasty said...

Anon - thanks, and not to worry. first stop: animal shelter and rescue organizations. Just picking out my dream mutt in the meantime!

Kate - thanks for your help. and OH MY GOD, you really are serious about hooking me up with your little brother?! this is hilarious!

naokoandjeff said...

Wow. Captain Daddypants is amazing. How are you suppose to be a good customer? Do you leave a big tip? Suggestions: Don't even think about returns or exchanges. And don't question the bill.