Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lefty's Been Canned. At Least Temporarily.

Hello my poppies, my precious petunias, it is I, your friendly neighborhood Cheastypants, back from a brief vacation during which some strange private investigator has apparently hijacked my account and pretended I'd gone missing. All I can say is this: I have no idea where Lefty Detroit came from, it was fun to write like him for a few days, and now I'm sick of him and couldn't possibly conceive of a plot device that could adequately explain why I'd disappeared from the planet without making me sound a) heartless, or b) insane. And while both of those things might be true, I'd prefer not to advertise that on the interwebs. So here I am, and here's a brief update.

I've been doing lots of yoga. LOTS of yoga. My hips have never been so limber, nor so poorly acquainted with one another, and my back is a marvel of no-aches-no-pains for the first time in months, so I'm pleased.

My littlest sister Crasey was in town for a while, which was all kinds of fun. Then my great great friend (and former teammate from back in our days on the UNC Varsity Women's Crew) Low-Ra Fog-Tee came to visit for a few days after her team finished winter training here in Austin. It'd been a while since I'd watched crews practice and race, and when Low-Ra asked if I wanted to come out in the launch while she did her coaching thing, whoa Nelly. I was all there, AND I brought my brand new Nikon of Gold to take pictures. Want to see a few highlights? Of course you do.

This is Low-Ra. I'm sure many of you know people with big smiles, huge laughs, and winning personalities, but let me assure you that in comparison to this woman, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

This is her crew, the University of Louisville women's rowing team:

They row so pretty:

And they have fun, too!

But most of all, they row hard:

This last picture is my favorite one for a number of reasons (click for full size view). One, I used to be a coxswain so this is just fun to see these two coxes going so hard. Two, look at the water drops! Is that freaking cool or what?! Three, look at the oars, if you know anything about rowing. Bend in the far one, buried deep through the finish in the near one. That's some fine rowing, if you ask me. And four, it's pretty rare to get a shot where the boats are literally neck-and-neck, so I love how the far cox's head is literally right on top of the near cox's head. I love my Nikon of Gold!

Ok, lots of other things going on, but it's all boring stuff like reading stuff for research, organizing and labeling photographs of documents. Oh, and dancing, but that's not boring! Off to do more research now, I'll catch up some more tomorrow! Smoochie, smoochie.


Anonymous said...

I never went to a big college (note: community college and massage school), so I never had the chance to be on a a rowing team, but oh, how I wanted to!! I row white water rafts and kayaks, but the motion of actually rowing with a team on a long skinny aerodynamic boat looks so incredible that it just makes me ache with envy. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!!! Looks like either you got a great camera or you are morphing into a good photographer.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I see Bunny was lured to Town Lake by promises of half naked Cabana boys running neck and neck to see who is the fastest to the finish line. So happy you have finally returned to where you belong, Bunny - the country club.


Kate said...

Lefty was fun, but pales in comparison to the Amazing Cheastypants herself! Glad you're back. Love the pics.

Cheasty said...

Lindsey: it's never too late - join a masters' team!

Anon: thank you, but I'm pretty sure it's the camera's fault!

Cookie: the cabana boys are currently busy giving me a massage and feeding me frozen grapes, but they said to send you smoochies!

Kate: thanks, my friend. :)

The Creative Housewife said...

Great photos!!! :)

Jennoit said...

Cool!! I was a cox too (at the University of Toronto from 1994-96). These are great photos!