Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Frontiers In Making My Jaw Drop

All right, maybe I'm missing something, but I could have sworn the human body was not designed to move like this. Watch the following video of a Swan Lake ballet, all seven minutes of it. And every time you think to yourself, "Okay, that was cool and crazy, but I've got shit to do," force yourself not to click off it. I promise, it just continues to get better. I mean for God's sake, she balances ON HIS HEAD. ON HER TIPTOES. THEN SHE DOES A STANDING SPLIT. AND THEN SHE DOES A STANDING BACK BEND. WHILE ON POINT. WHILE HE WALKS AROUND.

This woman may or may not be human.


Anonymous said...

Not your regular ballet-faring show! I'm pretty sure gravity does not exist on this stage.

- Cookie

Alison in CO said...

I have gone to my share of ballet productions, but I have never seen a performance that required a spotter. That is amazing! And the fact that this troupe is so talented, that the lead couple is so talented that they don't need to make the spotter move a muscle, incredible. Wow.

Kate said...

As a former gymnast and cheerleader (who held girls over my head,) I reject this as reality.

Frank Irwin said...

Cirque du Soleil does Swan Lake?

Cheasty said...

I know, it's absolutely nuts. Kate, you made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Truly astounding. Beyond belief. Super-human. Couldn't possibly be a wire. The result of thousands of hours of "training" under the tutelage of Master Bi Tim Daa Li. Center of gravity, schmavity. Get out. Shut up. Such a deal.

The band was good.