Saturday, February 21, 2009

So All That Was To Say...

Well clearly I do not have a budding career in Quarterly Report production. Sad, really, as that was my Plan B. In sum, this is what I meant to communicate yesterday.

A) Life is pretty good. In spite of crazy busy-ness, chronic back pain, cold showers, and having to HAND-WASH MY LAUNDRY (ack! noooooo!!!) I´m still having fun. When I´m not running about madly, recording device in hand, I have been hanging out with Dutch people, of whom there are an inordinate amount in Nicaragua, and no, I do not know why, but yes, it´s a little odd. Also, I´ve been spending a lot of time with a very nice 76 year old woman who is currently my housemate. She came down here to study Spanish for a month, and her rigorous study habits make a joke of my academic ambitions.

B) Um... what came next? Oh, yeah. Travel. Well in keeping with my inability to stay in one place longer than a few weeks, it´s once again time for me to be off. On Monday I leave for a town called Mulukuk├║, some 7 hours by bus into the mountains from Matagalpa (ow, it hurts). I´ll be there for a while, then back in Matagalpa for the weekend, and then I take off the following Tuesday for another town, this time La Dahlia, where I´ll stay for about 4 or 5 days to collect some interviews there, as well. After that, I might chill in Matagalpa for a week, but then again, I also have to go to Jinotega, Matagalpa´s near neighbor and friendly rival city. At the end of all this I´ll only have a week and change to hang out and get my last minute work done before heading back to the good ol´USA. I feel pleased with this schedule, though I will be glad when I never again have to get on another Nicaraguan chicken bus to bounce over horrible roads for hours at a time on uncomfortable, overcrowded seats. I imagine there is internet out there in the campo, but i´m not making any promises as to how frequently I can update. Of course, every time I´ve said that in the past I´ve ended up with buckets of free time and posted like mad, so who knows...

C) I´ve had some fun too. A weekend at the Laguna de Apoyo with my friend Lolita, from Austin. It was wonderful. And in between trips to Mulukuk├║ and La Dahlia, Doc, my (ahem!) will be up here for a couple of days to hang out. Hooray! Fun!

OK, I think that was all, and really who cares, but still. For those who do care, there you have it. The broad details of my current life plans. Now I´ll post something that´s actually interesting.

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Frank Irwin said...

Hey, I got all of that out of your previous post, but enjoyed reading this one better. It's not that your quarterly report was poorly written (it wasn't), it was just meant for a different audience. But if you entertained yourself while writing it, it served it's purpose.

I'm glad that you're having fun down there!