Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THIS Is What Makes Me Fear the Dentist

I would like to take my hat off to the lovely, talented, and completely original Prunella de Ville, who just posted the following video over on her blog. I recommend going there as well as watching it here, because her commentary is worth a chuckle or twelve. Also, once you're there do yourself a favor and keep reading, because she's just generally hilarious.

The following home video is of a young boy who's just had oral surgery of some sort, and is SO FUCKING HIGH he's in another stratosphere. I agree with Pru when she said how she loved the part where he says, "Is this real life?" but I would also point out another favorite of mine, which is when he sits up high in his seat and ROARS LIKE A LION. This after claiming that he only had two fingers. No, four. No, two. Either way, enjoy.

For the record, if that were me sitting there stoned off my keister after a trip to the dentist, I would probably be talking about masturbation. And then the video would go up on YouTube and I would die of mortification.


PrincessPi said...

you gotta wonder what sort of father would post a video of his own kid stoned off his rocker on youtube.

Anonymous said...

i think this might be one of the funniest things ever. almost made me want children for moments like this!!

a very little, itty bitty almost.

none the less, it reminded me of when i had my wisdom teeth removed... wish someone had caught that on tape!

The Fairy King

Reality Therapist said...

I hate the dentist too, but if it ended up like that for me, I may enjoy it a little more...Just a little.

Nah, I end up with the large needle..yikes.

found you through matteroffactmommy

Kate said...

This reminds me of my entire college career.

Jennoit said...

Holy SHIT that's funny!

Cheasty said...

PP: a very very good daddy, that's what kind!

FK: just let me know when you want 'dem aiggs, bro!

RT: welcome! please return frequently! we can commiserate over shared phobias of needles, drills, and men in face masks.

Kate: that's hilarious. i never would've pegged you the type!

Jennoit: glad you laughed, in all caps. ;)

Prunella Jones said...

This kid is so damn cute. He does a pretty good lion impersonation too.

Thanks for the shout out, my sweet!