Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Madness

OK, I'm back. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!! Let the games begin. This past weekend was a madhouse of wedding planning, wedding, reunions between long-separated friends, excellent parties, drunken revelries, awful hangovers, fun shopping, and lots of chocolate cake. I could start just about anywhere and still tell stories until I'm blue in the face, so I think tonight I won't start, as I'd like to get some sleep sometime. Instead, I'll just give you a quick summary, show you a few of the pictures I took this weekend and hope they make you smile.

Rosie, my sister Umulu's best friend and an old family friend of the AmazingPants clan, got married on Saturday to a luuuurvely guy, JB. The crowd was small - just the bride's family, the groom's family, our family, and a few friends, but it was wonderful. Captain Mommypants, being a minister and all, performed the ceremony in Umulu's backyard. Yes, she really is that short. And she's still taller than me, dammit. Umulu was the maid of honor, Crasey was the wedding plannner, I was the photographer, and the wedding party was an absolute blast.

Crasey did a magnificent job setting up a lovely reception area on a miniscule budget:

Here's the three AmazingPants sisters. I'd like to point out that even in two and a half inch heels, I'm still shorter than both my sisters, one of whom is in flats. Damn my shrimpy legs!

So it was lovely. People hugged and smiled and wept and danced, and told lovely stories of times gone by. Friends reunited with people we hadn't seen in 15-odd years and marveled at how we'd all grown and changed. The DJ did a fine job, the wine and beer were plentiful, and as the evening wore to a close we all sat around laughing our asses off at nothing anybody could remember the next day. But the greatest thing of all? How many of you remember Fancy Nancy, aka the Cupcake Princess Monster? If you don't remember her, click the link on her name to be introduced to the most excellent little girl in the known universe.

And how many of you remember my little brother Bug? If for some reason you're unaware of how totally cool my little dude is, click the link and prepare to be thoroughly charmed. Also, look at that shirt he's wearing - the guayabera I brought him from Nicaragua! Oooh, he looks so yummy!

Well believe it or not, Fancy Nancy and Bug had never met before this weekend, and there was much speculation about how they would get along. Would they be jealous of each other and compete for attention, would they ignore each other's existence? No. No, they did not. You know what they did? They fell in love. They fell in love and danced all night long.

I know I'm verging on being one of those people who is unreasonably convinced that their child is the smartest, cutest, most adorable blah blah blah, and these aren't even my children, but OH MY GOD THEY WERE SO CUTE. I love this next picture: look at Umulu, Crasey, and Rosie's faces as they cheer on Bug and Fancy Nancy to disco greatness.

Ah, love. Ain't it grand?


Anonymous said...

Bug and Fancy Nancy are adorable! And I've never seen Umulu's back yard look so festive. Cheers to Crasey and the Amazingpants photographer for capturing it!


Kate said...

How wonderful!

Question: Who was responsible for the unzipping of the Cupcake Princess Monster's dress?

Cheasty said...

oh cookie, i wish you could've been there!

kate - very observant of you! bug is one devil of a ladies' man it turns out. zip!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

cheasty, my love you have a gift when it comes to being "shutterbug". (btw, i fucking HATE that word, but find it appropriate to use here.)

you, Umulu and Crasey are beautiful, i love Bug and how he's in love with that little girl with the half-unzipped dress. also, are your friends who got married giants? because that picture with your mom marrying them in the background verges on the surreal.

Cheasty said...

why thanks, mofm! and yes, they are giants. rosie is, i believe, fully 6 feet tall. ungodly tall next to the shrimpy amazing pants gals. oh, how i wish my mother had given me the human growth hormone!

jessica o said...

It is so fitting that the world's tallest family would be friends with the world's shortest family.

You guys are awesome! What a beautiful set-up! Can they keep the tent and lights up all the time? That would be fun.

I love dancing kids. They are the best. Next to sleeping kids.