Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How To Make Friends and Influence People

In a word?  Food.  I don't know if you remember the Mutt-and-Cheasty Insultathon that took place a couple of weeks ago, but in the end I did get Nan's email from Mutt and we planned a delicious dinner party with an Italian theme.  It was a huge hit.  HUGE.  And by "huge," I mean I cooked three full-sized lasagnas for nine people.  Overkill, but I blame my mother, whose motto in life is "if you want it done right, overdo it."  It was yummy.  How yummy? Just look at these faces. Happy, right? Very yummy.

I would give you the recipe here, but i think i'll save that for another day. Instead I'll tell you about the process. First, Nan wrote me an email:

> Cheasty!
> Yes, let's do Italian dinner on Sunday.
> I will bring home made Focaccia and garden Salad and
> we will cook
> together at your house??
> Sounds good?
> Sorry that I have to bring my husband... I am
> responsible to feed him
> as a submissive oriental wife.
>See you soon!

Then we invited friends. Here we are.

The hosts:

My sweet wonderful utterly gorgeous sister Umulu (Ooh-moo-loo. Don't ask.) She loves me.

The hair club for men:

People watched me pretend the sauce spoon was a microphone. We all have talents, and that happens to be one of mine.

We ate retarded amounts of food, we talked and laughed, and made merry noises. we drank ridiculous amounts of wine. I love dinner parties.

Here is a recipe for the greatest, simplest, deliciousest italian appetizer of all time.

oops, look at the time. i've got to run! i'll post it tomorrow. ai, what a tease...

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