Sunday, January 27, 2008

On Days Like This I Love Texas

When my brothers and sisters and I were young, our mother always said that we'll never get what we want by whining.  I believe that today, I can prove that she was wrong all those years ago.  To be quite honest, I'm a little disappointed to have come to this realization so late in life, considering that I've spent the past 20-odd years trying to live by the no-whining maxim. Turns out, whining is extremely effective. Witness Friday's post about the crappy Texas weather. After I posted it, I was a little ashamed at myself for having given in to the urge to whine in a public forum.  Turns out, it was a canny move.
I whined with great prolixity, and even, I believe, threatened the weather gods with some Amazing Cheastypants action if they did not heed my demands for either sunshine or warmth. Well, Mom, check it out.  I would have settled for one or the other, but look.  We got both.  I am amazed at my own powers.

Two days ago (pre-whining):


Yesterday (post-whining):

Yay!  It's still winter, but what a winter day!

It was epically wonderful. Some of my friends and I went on a walk around Town Lake to soak up the rays and join the milling throngs all out to enjoy the beautiful day. Meet Penata and Lola, two of the greatest women in the world. Hi Penata, hi Lola. (They say "hi," too.)

People ran, they biked, they walked, they fished.

Best of all, there was a sunset. On days like this I love Texas.

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