Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling the Luuurrrrrve.

Ok, all right, yee haw. It has not stopped raining for the past 48 hours, and I don't mean pretty glittery rain like in misty glades or mossy woods where elves and leprechauns frolic. I mean rain like diluvian rains. Epic rains. Biblical rains. More than once I've thought that maybe I should look up how much a cubit is anyway, just in case I get a sudden message about building an ark, and two by two, and so on.

A week ago, this would have depressed me greatly, but then, just about everything depressed me about a week ago. But not now, no sirree! Now, I am happy. "Rain? What rain?" I bluster jovially as I splash through town in my soaked jeans and swollen sneakers. "Umbrella? Doesn't work, har har! Nope, rusted shut after the unfortunate episode of frothy exploding yogurt in my bag." Do I care? No. I am just dandy, thanks. Want to know why?

I am feeling the luuuurrrrve. That's right, the luuuurrrrve. That's two degrees higher than love, that's how great luuuurrrrve is. Somebody gives you a hug? That's love. Somebody gives you a hug AND A NECK RUB? That's luuuurrrrve. Somebody wants to be your best friend forever? That's love. Somebody wants to be your dead dog? (**See comments from yesterday's post.) Well, we know what that is. That's luuuurrrrve.

Not only did I get a TON of hugs after my cry for help a few days ago (and thank you so much to all who sent me virtual love!), but you are NOT going to believe what's happened lately.

First, I went to a coffee shop yesterday and ordered a capuchino cappuchino capucchino (HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SPELL CAPPUCHINO?) cause I wanted to be fancy and treat myself for reading FOUR MONTHS of newspapers in one day. Well. That capuccino (argh! misspelled again!) came with a gorgeous white heart in the middle of the golden frothy foam on top. A heart! That's love! I was delighted, and sipped carefully so that by the time I finished the "frothy coffee beverage" the cute little foam heart WAS STILL THERE ON THE BOTTOM OF MY MUG!!! That's luuuurrrrve. Of course I didn't have my camera, but whatever. It's a luuuurrrrvely memory.

Then today I went to catch the bus to the archive, and as I stood there in a puddle waiting for the 114 to show up, guess what. It was my favorite 114, THE LOVE BUS. Well, that's what I call it, cause it's painted red and white and has hearts all over, and on the inside the driver stenciled all these messages like, "You might leave me, but you'll never forget me," "Love machine," and "If you say no you'll always wonder what you missed." Also, ""Come to me, mamita and let me love you all night long." And of course, he plays love songs all the time on his tape player. I luuuurrrrve the Love Bus. I'd ridden it back in September a few times, but I hadn't seen it in weeks! I did have my camera with me, but a Managua city bus isn't the sort of place you want to whip out a digital camera, so another beautiful memory from today.

And last, here's a little humiliating personal goal that I finally realized today, after something like 17 or 18 years of waiting. Back in middle school I was a geeky little girl, and going to school was a daily exercise in misery and embarrassment. As a result, I hated waking up in the morning. Except this one day. This one day, my clock radio rang at 7:01, just like it always did, and my FAVORITE SONG IN THE WORLD was playing. Cher. "If I Could Turn Back Time." Oh. My. God. I luuuurrrrved that song. I secretly dreamed of having a hot body and fantastic hair and wearing a scandalously skimpy outfit and singing while thousands of HOT SAILORS cheered me on. Actually, I still do. One day, when I miraculously sprout 7 inches and grow a pair of enormous bosoms. It'll happen. Anyway, I'm getting distracted. The personal goal I meant to tell you about was much more modest. You see, when that song started playing that morning back in what, 1989, 1990? I leapt out of bed so happy, and was in the greatest mood all day, and in my mind it was because of that song, right? So my personal goal was to wake up to that song again, but it couldn't be planned, see? It had to be a spontaneous miracle to count. Well, in all these years of waiting, not once. Not once! But this morning? This morning I got up, turned on my iTunes in my room on random (just like always), and GUESS WHAT.

Oh, it was a very good day, very good indeed.

Feel the luuuurrrve.


moxita said...

that's hilarious!
i wish i'd have seen you rocking it out this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

i <3 this post. it made me laugh. lots and lots. i am now having a fantastic day as well thanks to Cher. and you. (even though, for some godawful reason, i have sprung out of bed at 8 in the morning. its the damn middle of the night!!!)

i luuuurrrve ya sis!!!

The Fairy King

Anonymous said...

ok so i know i just posted a comment, but i just watched the video... wow... laughed my way through that one! i wonder what her stylist was thinking..

"ooh yea! wear that skimpy little black number! that ones cute. Oh, dont forget a jacket, hunny, you might catch a cill"

thanks again for the feel good feelings this morning!

The Fairy King

Judy said...

lol. I can't believe that's your favorite song?!? hee hee. But I'm glad it found its way into your alarm clock and your room. doncha just love days like this?

naokoandjeff said...

Cheasty, can I be your best friend for life?

By the way, my horse wasn't depressed. We got along very well and I never kicked him, I just gave him lururve pats on the ass. Also, I'm really sensitive about my weight right now...

Where's the luurrve y'all? I don't know.

Mutt (?)

Alison in CO said...


Looks like you were finally able to turn back time! (Let the groaning commence ...)

Congratulations on a wonderful day. You deserve all the luuuurrrve in the world.

Cheasty said...

moxita, the room was rockin, indeed. I was trying to do my yoga, but it kept turning into a fly girl dance routine!

Fairy King - I love you so much, and I'm glad you laughed your ass off. Now go back to bed. It's still the middle of the night!

Judy! Hey, no making fun of my deep and abiding love for Cher!

Mutt - you ARE my best friend for life. that's why, when I tell you to go on a diet, you know i'm saying it with love. i mean, jeez, what are you now, 112, 113 lbs? enough is enough!

Alison in CO - vry, very punny! thanks for the luuuurrrve!

Kate said...

OUCH!! Hearing that is mucho painful! I am not sure if listening to Cher is one of those "hurts so good" or "but it's a good kind of pain" kind of things. I don't know, she kind of scares me. Kudos to you though for your obvious deep, profound luuuurrrvvve for she of the tattooed buttocks.

Being a touchy feely southerner--- here is another ::HUG:: for you since they are just as important to receive when you are feeling happy, happy, joy, joy as when you are feeling blue.

Cheasty said...

Oh, Kate. One day you'll learn. Cher is all that is good and true in this world. Just like Barbra. :) Oh, my god, listen to me. Am I a gay man?

Thanks for the hugs, lady!

Kate said...

If I am going to listen to Cher, then you have to listen to Ween. No gay man listens to Ween!

Kate said...

Yes, I made those clothes, thank you very much. How domestic of me! I remember taking Home Ec. as a joke. Everyone thought it was funny (I was certainly NEVER going to need THOSE skills!) Now I wish I would have listened, damn it!

Ween is a very obnoxious, very bad and very "creative" band. I don't think they ever record any music without sampling a wide variety of drugs. If you get a chance to sample an album, try "Pure Guava," it's my favorite. And please don't judge me for my bad taste. :)

Renny said...

Hey, is there a song in "My Fair Lady" about feeling loverly? Or luuurvely?

Rockin' video, by the way!

Cheasty said...

ok, kate, next time i'm feeling wild and crazy, i will check out some ween. sounds interesting, at the very least!

renny, i'm so proud you remembered! it's 'wouldn't it be luverly.'

oh my god, i love barbra, cher, AND show tunes. i AM a gay man. onset of panic in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Renny said...

Haha, actually Cameron was singing it the other night and I accused him of secretly reading your blog. So he deserves the credit for the My Fair Lady reference, I deserve the shame of always falling for gay men. Sigh.

Cheasty said...

oh renny. well at least that explains why we're such good friends. you love gay men, i am a gay man. who knew? oh, dear. i did so enjoy being a woman. well, i'm off to get something waxed or manicured now...