Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Goodbye, Buddy

Dear Buddy,

You big furry yellow mutt. I remember the day that Mom first brought you home, a fuzzy homeless puppy somebody had dropped on the steps of her colleague's church. That colleague, knowing a soft touch when she saw one, brought you over to Mom, pleading that she just couldn't take a puppy, and maybe Mom could find a home for you with one of her parishioners? Ha. Mom took one look at your cute brown eyes and adorable fluffy blonde pantaloons, and was a total goner. Not that she admitted as much, of course. "Oh, no," she protested, "of course we can't keep him. This is just a temporary arrangement until I find a better home for him." Fat chance, lady. Dad almost exploded when he came home to find our brood of dogs suddenly expanded. "But six is such a nice round number!" trilled Captain Mommypants perkily.

And of course, you fit right in. You got along with the whole pack, but you and our maniac poodle Zoe quickly became fast friends, romping around the land together like a couple of quasi-homicidal lunatics, practically killing each other in the process. Sometimes people would get nervous watching, but eventually you'd break apart, grinning madly, and trot calmly back to drink water and rest in the shade right next to each other. Oh, man, I loved to watch you two play; it was just pure doggy fun. And I loved to take you on walks in the woods, because for all your energy and exuberance, you were pretty happy to just trot around with me and maybe sit for a spell next to the creek, hoping to catch sight of the beavers. I like how you would sit down right by my side and just lean up against me until I put my arm around you. You, my furry friend, were great fun, but I also appreciated your dignity. While you loved being petted and hugged, you never danced around, panting and jumping and circling wildly. You were patient. Insistent, but patient. "Pet me," you'd command us. "I love you and protect you from dangers in the night. Grant me the belly scratching I am due." I was powerless to resist.

Buddy, you were the greatest. A wonderful guard dog, always happy to see me when I came home, always such a good snuggle-bunny, always with those stylish golden pantaloons swishing around behind your gaily wagging tail. I will miss you, but I hope that wherever you are, you frolic madly in green fields with a friend as dear as Zoe, and that there is somebody there who will put her arm around you as you sit together on the front porch. For what it's worth, I will always remember you at your cuddly best.


Amazing Cheastypants.


Jenna said...

So sorry to hear about Buddy. Losing 2 dogs in one year is tough. It was a beautiful tribute you wrote him- I can just imagine him sitting by the creek with you and what a happy peaceful time that must have been. Hugs to you and your family.

moxita said...

buddy sounds like a wonderful dog!
sorry to read about your loss!!!

Kate said...

What a wonderful tribute. I am sure that wherever he is now, he is wagging his tail in appreciation.

(Henceforth, I am going to comment without fear!)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

remember how i said i wanted to be your BFF because of that great tribute post you did a while back? well, i hate to say it, but i wish i were your dead dog. you're such a great writer... this was beautiful. and i'm so very, very sorry for your loss.


Cheasty said...

jenna - HI!!! Oh, I miss you. and your cute CUTE baby. thanks for the condolences.

moxita - he was a wonderful dog. not a fluffy poodle like you or me, (poodle power!) but a wonderful dog. I miss him.

kate - you rock, mamita. thanks so much, and i'm glad you'll comment in a fearless manner from now on!

mofm - seriously, i just spit my coffee all over the damn table. i just didn't see that coming. loved it, but didn't see it coming! you can be my dead dog anyday. lord knows, though, i'd rather have you be my live dog.

clergywm said...

My dear sweetie,
I am sitting here in a puddle with Zoe's face but just inches away trying to lick my tears. I think she just doesn't get what's going on, so she just keeps coming up to me looking me in the eye as if to ask, "Mom, what's going on? Where's Buddy?"
Your tribute to Buddy and the photos - well it's just beautiful. I miss him, I miss Sheba and sometimes life is just very sad.
Love, hugs and kisses,