Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Six-Week Blues

All right, I admit it. I'm homesick. I'm six weeks in and most of the shiny newness has worn off; now I just keep thinking about how much I would enjoy some nice fall weather - five minutes without sweating! - a quinoa salad, my favorite yoga class, and a good old fashioned hug. Is it the no hugging that makes me the most blue? It's hard to go this long without any cuddles from friends and family.

But it'll be okay, I'm getting over it. At least I've been through this before, and last week when I couldn't let go of my grumpies, I took a look at the calendar and thought, "Oh, of course. This is just the six-week blues." Well, that and all the rain, which is just horrific at this point. My shoes are growing mold. But the forecast is for sunnier weather starting soon, and the day when my good friend the Fifi Poodle arrives grows closer, so I'll be a little blue for a few days more, and then I'll bounce out of it. I've found a better pool that's cheaper, closer, and longer, so I'm swimming every morning now, and that's helping a lot to cheer me up, make me feel more normal. I had a nice, relaxing weekend here in Managua, hanging out with a couple of friends. We went to the pool, went dancing. On Sunday I went to a coffee shop to drink cappuchino and work on transcribing my hand-written notes into spreadsheets. NOT fun, but it gave me a nice productive feeling, which is almost as good as fun. So I was feeling better, but then Monday morning I got an email saying that my parents had to put one of our dogs to sleep. Buddy, our chow-golden retriever mutt, probably one of my favorite dogs in the world. Oh, sigh. I still feel really weepy at the thought, and that's after a good long crying jag yesterday morning.

So send me some virtual hugs, people. I need a little pick-me-up.


Lahrynn said...

* HUGS! *

I hope things look better soon.

I love your blog! :)


Kate said...

I have been lurking for a while and know that I can always count on you for a good laugh.

I am so sorry that you have the blues. As we say here in the south, "Bless your heart." Here is a big fat squeeze from Alabama.....HUG!!!!!

Maybe I need to go back through and read all of your archives to get an explanation......Cheasty? What exactly does it mean?

Alison in CO said...

*hugs* and more *hugs*

Honestly, it would have been a lot sooner than six weeks for me to get those 6-week blues. So far away from friends and family ... I admire what you're doing, and I send you many hugs from that stranger Alison in Colorado.

Sorry to hear about Buddy .... that just makes things worse.

Renny said...

Here's a big squeeze!!

That's funny that you mentioned the mold on your shoes... Rachel said that EVERYTHING she owned in Costa Rica got moldy--her clothes, her stuffed animals, her books, her tea. We had to give her tea in individually wrapped bags so it would last longer-- none of that earth-friendly bulk stuff in the tropics!

Speaking of tropics, I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited about Cuba. SOOOOOOOOOO excited. We will have tons of wonderful adventures! I can't wait to take our friendship to the next level, I think we're totally ready for that all-important step up to Travel Buddies.

I love you hon, give me a call if you ever need a verbal hug!

Cheasty said...

Wow, nothing like de-lurkers to give a girl a pick-me-up! Thanks so much for the hugs from afar!

Lahrynn - thank you so much!

Kate - Cheasty is my name! It's Gaelic, a family name, and it means "stone-cutter" or something like that. Thanks for de-lurking; it's always so nice to meet the people that are out there reading about my life!

Alison in CO - hello, again! I've missed you, I'm glad you're still there, and thanks for the condolences about Buddy.

Penata, amorcito de mi corazon. we are totally going to rock Cuba! those salsa dancers ain't seen nothing yet! i'll call you soon for a big hug.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad when a pet dies and you can't be there. I feel for you, truly.
Bear hug and neck rub.

Jennoit said...


Sorry to hear you're feeling blue. I'm sure the swimming will help and I know how much being productive can help too. I could use a little bit of that in my own life I tell ya!

Cheasty said...

lindsey - neck rub? marry me. seriously. your husband can handle the kids.

jennoit -- thank you! yes, swimming and productivity are making giant strides in improving my mood. of course, the pissing stupid awful ugly rain that won't quit continues to drive me barking mad, but that will be over soon. :)

Sam Marie said...

hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug and more hugs!!!!! i hope that you are feeling better amiga!!! the good thing about having the 6 week blues is that once they subside you'll move into the upswing again - and be able to laugh at obnoxious tellers! very sorry to hear about buddy. and very much sending you love and abrazos!!!

Alison in TX said...


moxita said...


glad to read you're trying to fight the blues by swimming, cappuccino's and being your cheastilicious self (thinking positive).

we will do lots of woofing soon!

lots of hugs, and real ones to come SOOOON!

Cheasty said...

Oh, you guys. sniff sniff. i love you so much! thank you thank you thankyou for all the hugs. i feel a million times better already. and guess what?! i just noticed this crazy noise. or rather non-noise. what could it be? it's the deafening silence of rain NOT pounding down on the tin roof! hooray! i'm going out right now while it lasts!

Judy said...

I hope it is not too late to join in the hug-fest! But seriously you never have to ask for hugs with me, I give them to you freely!!! : ) Here's to kicking the 6weeks blues in the butt and returning to normal, bouncy, happy go lucky, fiercely witty and intelligent Cheastypants. Miss you, darlin'. ; )