Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hello, my precious petunias! I hope that the scariest day of the year finds you happy, healthy, and strong. In honor of Halloween I'm going to show you a cartoon my Superdad the Grumpy Republican just sent me. Timely, I thought, given what's just around the corner on Tuesday.

So have fun trick-or-treating! Me, I'll be avoiding popular unrest here in the streets of Managua. Apparently the evangelicals are REALLY pissed off about this devil-worshipping pagan holiday. Anti-Halloween protest marches and demonstrations? Whoever heard of such a thing?


Renny said...

Happy Halloween! Great cartoon.

Maybe I'll dress as a crazy evangelical for the history dept party tomorrow. Take some peeps out your window and let me know what they look like!

PrincessPi said...

Happy Halloween!

I keep trying to get my doctor boss to come to work on Halloween dressed in bloody scrubs with a bloody saw, but he's never done it. Didn't do it today. Maybe next year...

Did you dress up as a haunted librarian? With bitchin' shoes? That would be awesome.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

protesting halloween?! THE NERVE.

as reigning mother of the year, i ran out last night in an attempt to find my 2yr old daughter a costume (along with the rest of the a-hole parents) and found nothing. at 30% off, can you believe there was NOTHING LEFT?!

anyhoo, she will be going as an elephant - the same costume her 5yr old brother wore 2 1/2 years ago. ahhh, the joy of hand-me-downs.

stay out of trouble down there!


Cheasty said...

renny - happy halloween! have fun at the History Department party. don't make out in public! hee hee!

princesspi - are you kiddingme? I'm not dressing up as anything. those crazies use rubber bullets!

mofm - don't sweat it. Captain Mommypants made me a costume as the Queen of Hearts that I wore for three or 4 years, at least. Once I even had to go to school in that outfit. Try sitting in a desk when you're shmooshed between two huge pieces of cardboard. :)

Renny said...

Oh, unfair slander! I've never made out in public (in Austin)! That would be soooo unprofessional.