Friday, April 24, 2009

Big Bend: Day Two of a Two-Day Photo Extravaganza

Yesterday I posted some photos from the first day of Umulu's and my Big Bend camping trip of a few weeks ago, from the day we explored the Chisos Mountains. But Big Bend is huge, and the vast majority of it isn't mountainous at all, but a very very very dry dry dry desert. Lots of cactus under a bright blue sky. Umulu and I did a lot of exploring, but our favorite hike was the one out to the hot springs, a path that took us up over some gorgeous desert landscape

and right along the banks of the Rio Grande. On the left, USA. On the right, Mexico. Hello, Mexico.

Something I'd had no idea about before heading down to Big Bend is what a hotbed of archaeology it is. HUGE dinosaurs apparently roamed this ground millions of years ago, allosaurs, pterodactyls, t-rex, etc. And wouldn't you know, I am the luckiest devil in the world, cause look at what I found when I was looking at the ground on our walk:

Do you see that? It's an embedded fossil of an absolutely ENORMOUS prehistoric snail. Here's another photo with my hand alongside the fossil for size comparison.

Several miles of enchanting landscape later, we finally rocked up to the hot springs, right next to the Rio Grande. Also, right next to Mexico. Check out Umulu in her bikini. Ain't she the cutest?

But what we really couldn't figure out was what the heck were these guys doing on the other side? (Besides trying to sneak peeks at us changing into our swimsuits behind the bushes, that is.) Can you even see them in this picture? I think maybe not, but they're under the bushes.

So there you have it, campers. Umulu and Amazing Cheastypants do Big Bend. It was a blast, and I strongly recommend you check it out, should you ever get the chance.


Frank Irwin said...

With two degrees in Geology, I should know what that fossil is, but I got my degrees probably while that thing was alive. I think it starts with a "c".

Your bush friends were probably waiting for their ride into the US. A friend of mine was out in those parts in his jeep, just driving around. He's stop every once in awhile to get out and explore. Later, some Border Agents caught up with him and said that they'd been watching him for quite awhile. Evidently, there had been some illegals hiding in the bushes near where he stopped, and they thought he was going to pick them up.

More nice pictures. It looked like a fun trip! Did y'all camp or stay at the Lodge? I was out there a couple of years ago, and we camped, but ate in the Lodge.

Kate said...

Gorgeous photos as usual. Great fun was obviously had. I think my favorite part is the name of the picture of your peeping toms...mexicans.jpg.

Cheasty said...

Frank - yeah, that's what we thought, too, initially, but really? why just hang out and draw such attention to yourselves, running the risk that one of the hikers might say something to a park ranger? plus, they had two dogs. my guess is actually that they were coyotes, just checking out the scene, but who knows. the border is a strange place for sure.

kate - oh lordy. i had no idea you could see the name of the jpeg file, and i often name pics just to amuse myself - i'm going back through some of my posts now to see what i named things. glad you liked the pictures!

Dr Zibbs said...

Whoa! Great pics!

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