Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Come Here, Hold Out Your Hand

Ok, pretend I'm walking up to you right now, and I am holding my hands out like I have something in them. Something I don't want to get away, but neither is it something I particularly want to hold too close to me. "Hey, come here!" I call out. "Hold out your hands!" So what is your reaction in this instance?

Clearly a sane person would run far and fast. That is, in fact, what I would do if I were you, cause if I know me, I'd be trying to give you something cool, but still creepy. Well, I'd be wrong to do so, at least right now. Know why? Come here, I'll show you.


Is this not the cutest little thing you've ever seen?

(Many thanks to Gregorio, my hand model, who did indeed approach me just as I described above. I ran.)


Kate said...

Don't forget about that well-known gem: "Hey, smell my finger!"

Wherever did he find that very tiny, very cute thing?

Frank Irwin said...

Be careful, or he'll try to sell you insurance!

I get those in my house a lot. If they get into the bathtub, they can't get out.

Cheasty said...

kate, you're hilarious. yesterday, in all innocence, i asked my chiropractor to pull my toe. there was an awkward pause, and then we both started laughing!

that cute little tiny thing lives in Mulukuku, Nicaragua. It just took me a while to put the pics up. Frank, do you have a zoo of geckos in your tub?

Samsmama said...

They're cute when they're that tiny. When they are much larger and sitting on one of your forks in the kitchen, not so much.

Frank Irwin said...

No zoo o'geckos. If I find them in time, I put them back outside. If I don't find them in time... :-(

Anonymous said...

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