Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to the Elf Palace

As promised, my poppets, some pictures of my perfect wonderful delightful extraordinary Elf Palace. Let's pretend you just knocked on my door. (knock, knock, knock) Why, hello, blog! How nice to see you. Come right on in, why don't you? Oh, thanks, I just finished setting things up. I still have a few more things to do, like pick up my plants from the babysitters, but for the most part, this is it.

So here's the living area/kitchen/dining room/closet room. With the exception of the kitchen table and the blue folding chair (classy!), the furniture is all old AmazingPants family stuff. The coffee table there, for example, is my grandfather's old Navy sea chest.

The sofa is from my parents' old living room set, and although the leather is cracked and the seats are falling through, man is that old thing comfortable. The lamp on the side table is part of a set that was a wedding gift to my parents when they sealed the deal back in '75.

The yellow corduroy chair dates way back in my mother's family. She sat on the arm of it next to her grandmother and watched news of the Cuban Missile Crisis unfold back in 1962, but I think it had a considerable history even before that. Then Captain Mommypants and Superdad took them (there used to be two) when they bought their first house, and it was the Time Out Chair when Umulu and I were misbehaving. Last year I grew roots in Old Corduroy while I studied for my comps. I love that chair.

Off to my right here, right through that door you can see in the pictures above, is the bathroom and laundry, which is chiquitito, but just perfect.

And up the stairs into the loft... ta-daaaaaa!! My favorite reading chair, vintage AmazingPants family heirloom, circa 1989. And check out those nook beds! Anybody want to have a slumber party?

And a desk, where I, er... um.... well. It's where I certainly have plans to work, at the very least.

So there you have it, blog. See why I call it the Elf Palace? It is both elfin and palatial, and I am the luckiest son-of-a-gun on the planet. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to nesting.


Frank Irwin said...

Looks nice!

Samsmama said...

OMG! How elfen cute is that?!?! I am totally down for a slumber party!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

what frank meant to say was, "when's the slumber party?!"

cheasty, i'm so happy for you! your own little slice of heaven. jealous, i am. ;)

Kate said...

Precious! It looks sunny and fun---just like you! (Gag, huh?)

I love the hand-me-downs, they really make a house, excuse me, a palace, a home.

Frank Irwin said...

Exactly, MOFM, I just didn't want to sound too forward.

So, Cheasty, when is it?

Cheasty said...

Slumber party TBA. I have to consult with my party planner, my personal shopper, and my in-palace chef to see when they can be prepared. But you can be sure you'll all be invited!

Anonymous said...

um yeah.. soo cute! this is definitely an awesome little space!! I love that you are still using all the hand-me-downs.. they always made my [many different] apartments feel just like home.

Love ya Sis!

-The Fairy King

PS - there are still two of the chairs... one is just hiding under a nasty blue denim cover-thingy in the "barn"

Frank Irwin said...

I can bring food! I'm told that I smoke a pretty mean butt.

Pork butt, that is.

(I was using "pork" there as a noun, not a verb, MOFM.)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

heehee, frank!

Cheasty said...

frank and mofm, don't make me put you in time out. old corduroy's still good for something!

Frank Irwin said...

That'd be more punishment for MOFM than for me. I'd love some "time out" with MOFM on the old corduroy!

H-SPO said...

i love clicking on the pictures so that you can get a real close up.


where in the hell do you chop stuff? you are a great cook, my lady, and i know that you chop.


you must have a 'system'.

LOVE the elf place.

Cheasty said...

i chop on the table, h-spo. actually i just made a jamaican red bean stew last night (delish! come over and have some!) and it went remarkably well for such a small chopping area. I'm thinking of getting a little folding TV dinner table to keep next to the stove just for the cooking part though, to keep spoons and spices handy.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the slumber party! Next time when me and S come over in our pj's it will be a REAL slumber party... right?

- Cookie

Cheasty said...

you know it, cookie!