Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Love This Joke, Five.

"What are the two sexiest animals in the barnyard?"

"Brown chicken brown cow."

I'm going to start saying this all of the time. You know, when it's situationally appropriate. Like, for example, every time I look in the mirror.


M said...

Okay, to be honest, I totally don't get this, but that's cool, there's a lot I don't get.

Yesterday my folks and I are having dinner and my dad pipes up with "Who's your friend Chesty, Chasty...?"
"You mean Cheasty?"
"Yeah, she is funny!"
"Yeah, she is. Have you been reading her blog?"
"Yup, reading her blog, got there from your's. She's really funny!"

So my pop's a big fan. Keep up the good work, Chesty.

M said...

Oh, and I meant I didn't get your chicken/cow thing. I totally get why my dad thinks you're a hoot.

Cheasty said...

brown chicken brown cow. say it like "bown chicka bow-wow" like old school porno music. get it? wink wink? nudge nudge?

ps. i'm glad your dad likes my blog - tell him to say hello sometime!

Anonymous said...

I love this joke. Everytime i think about it, i laugh. like, totally out loud. i bet my residents think i've gone off the deep end...

The Fairy King

M said...

Yeah, my sis explained it to me last night. I totally laughed a lot. I'm a little dense sometimes.

H-SPO said...


I'm telling EVERYONE.r

Judy said...

I needed an explanation too and for some reason I think that still I would muddle the punch line if telling the joke. ::sigh::