Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Love Letter for Penata

I know I'm lifting this right off of List of the Day (hi, Cary!) but this was just exactly the kind of laugh I needed today. Watch the soulful Babs while she yodels out sounds that would make my roommate and good friend, the burp-tabulous Penata, proud. Have I told you about Penata's burps? For such a dainty, lady-like, and soft-spoken young woman, Penata really knows how to let 'er rip. I'm just glad they don't come out the other end.


Alison said...

Ah, perfect music for a lovely Sunday evening right after a large meal!

Cheasty said...

Isn't it awesome? I've watched this probably five or six times today, and every time it makes me laugh out loud. I think it's mostly cause of her facial expressions, like she's evaluating each burp after it comes out.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

awesome! hilarious! and i hate barbra streisand too... perfection. thanks. needed this after an annoying afternoon. ;)

Cheasty said...

you hate barbra streisand?! whatevs, mofm! clearly you haven't seen funny girl, at least the first half. or "what's up, doc?" which is HI-larious, plus that goooorrrrggeeeouuusssss ryan o'neal hunk'a burnin' love. or the mirror has two faces which is TERRIBLE, but she's so funny, at least until she gets beautifized.

granted, many of her choices seem odd, especially that gretl or yenta or whatever that one was. and prince of tides, i almost choked. and i can do without the singing, although i recognize she's got one whale of a voice. but in terms of pure physical comedy, she's the bees knees!

come on, world. i can't be the only not-a-gay-man who thinks babs kicks ass! she's a tough lady!