Saturday, February 2, 2008

And.... another birthday!

Once a poet from North Carolina
Was so lovely I think she could blind ya.
When she turned thirty one
Tears fell from the sun
Who cried, "Now I'll never outshine ya!"

Happy birthday, Pony. I know I said I'd write you a haiku, but a limerick is what wanted to come out. Celebrate madly.

I'm taking the liberty of spreading the word of your genius, my dear. I hope you don't mind. Please, friends, family, and whatever strangers happen upon this blog, check out this marvel and these marvels.

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Supna said...

Hello, I am an amiga of the Amazing Cheastypants, supreme Goddess of the Universe where ittle kitties and puppies roam and lollipops, sparkling mineral water and Green Tea is always available with yummy honey and Cary Grant and compassial directions. Today, I had an inspirational moment where I was amazed to discover that she has a friend who is not only a good friend, but one who writes, and one who writes well and writes poetry that is superb and beautiful!! Pony, your poems are brilliant and they blew my mind!! Your talent is wonderful because you can take letters and create words out of them and then change them into verses that magically become poems that are incredible!! Thank you for sharing your lovely poetry and please produce more!! Cheasty has created another fan, keep up the great work!!