Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm a Lyricist. hehe.

Yesteday at my guitar lesson my teacher (dreamy boy) says, "hey, do you ever write your own songs?" I laughed so hard milk came out my nose. And it's been years since i drank milk, so figure on that, if you're bored. To sum up, I said no. He said, "wow. well, you should try." I laughed nervously and glanced at him askance. "No, really!" he enthused. "This week, why don't you write some lyrics and then I'll help you make them into a song?" I said OK. OK?! OK?!!!! What was I thinking.

So I need help. We're going to write a song before Thursday. I've been doing some thinking, and this is what we need to come up with:

Item one: topic.
Item two: catchy phrase I can sing repeatedly.
Item three: other words.

Ready? Go.


Alison said...

I had a mullet in Argentina...ballerina, concertina...I think you can run with it from there :-)

moxita said...

fingers seduktivnyie of a poodle, a poodle
abandoned in bratislava
surrounded by boys wanting to read books,
books about rose sweaters and red underwear,
hmmmm - where to go from here?


Supna said...

I was asked by The Amazing Cheastypants to post this, so Cheatika von UberSchwitsie here it email to you on your blog...) :)

Instead of working on what I'm supposed to be doing, I have composed a little meddly for you, it goes like this...

to the tune of:

do to to do to
to to do to to...

I made a margarita on a pretty day/
and then I saw a man/
a reeeeeally sexy man/
he was an English Duke with very fancy pants/
he made a suggestion to get on a train/
we'd travel through the night like Saint and Cary Grant/
He said I'd get a lesson much to my delight/
and then we were stopped during our lengthy chat/
I got kidnapped by a Spaniard and only had my hat/
He threw me on his ship
and I said, Bloody Hell!!/
but he gave me shirt so now I had more to wear/
I was kept in a room with lots and lots of books/
he cooked me many meals and fed me many grapes/
I was kept on the ship for several days and nights/
Until he told me that he'd keep me
all my life/
I asked him why this was so and this is what he said/
I am the Dread Pirate Roberts, I'm teaching this new guy/
he will take over my place/
and I'll take you to Madrid/
He continued with his plan and then
The Duke magic'ly appeared/
and then I was forced to decide/
I asked them a question, a very simple question/
I said.../
can I be like Persepone and meet you in July?/
The answer was not well received/
but I won them with my chaaaaaaarms/
So, now I have two dashing men/
oooooooone for eaaaaaaaaach o'my aaaaaaaarms!!!!!!!!!

moxita said...

well done supna!!!

Cheasty said...

one question. what, exactly, is the tune of "do to to do to, to do to to do?"

ooonnnnneeee forrrr eeeeaaach aaaarrrrrrmmmmm!

i love that.

Supna said...

You know I wasn't sure until I just realized it, I do believe it may be the dreidal, dreidal, dreidal song, go figure!! Or it could be, kind of like my index finger dance, where you can do it to any song. Hmmmmmmmm...

Thanks Moxita!!!!!!!!