Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Puppy Love (Alternate Title: I'm Having an Affair)

I am in love with another man's dog.  I know, this sounds like a rash statement.  After all, there are lots of dogs in the world, and it's not like there's only one dog that would meet every single one of my doggish desires.  Normally, I'd agree, but in this one instance, I just can't. I'd like you to meet Junebug.   

That's her on the far right, chilling on the porch with my friends Books (left) and Scrubster (center). This dog is epically amazing, although I'm hard-pressed to tell you why. Maybe it's her exuberance? Her cute pink tongue? Her boundless energy? All I can say is that for the first time in my life, I understand why people cheat. Sometimes the urge to pick her up, tuck her under my jacket and quietly sneak out the back door is almost overwhelming. Lucky for my friend Chicken Man, I'm a morally upright sort of girl, and would never do that. But, oh, the sweet sting of forbidden love! (gasp, sob!) The best, perhaps most tragic, part of this tangled puppy love triangle is that she loves me, too. Don't get me wrong -- she loves her daddy. Who wouldn't? He's a great guy. He feeds her treats. He plays with her all the time. He has chickens. What more could a dog want out of life? But me and Junebug, man... we've got a mystical connection.

Look at that face. Honestly, it kills me. This whole sordid tale of puppy love started when she stayed with me while Chicken Man was off running a marathon in New York CIty. After that, whenever I came over to her house to visit her parents, she went absolutely berserk with happiness. She tried to leave with me. I saw her out at barbecues and picnics, fireworks of excitement. Once she ran away from home and Chicken Man couldn't find her anywhere until he got a phone call saying that his little dog was hanging out at my address. I'm sorry, Chicken Man!! I think you rock and secretly you're one of my personal heroes, and I will never EVER try to take your dog, but I love her so much!

I took the pictures above at Chicken Man's house this weekend, where he hosted a truly fantastic party. I can't say what kind of party exactly, but here's a hint: large amounts of beer and duct tape were involved. Lucky for those of us who prefer to imbibe with a touch more moderation, there was also music, barbecuing, copious amounts of prematurely, gloriously warm sunshine, and a cornucopia of fabulous friends to sit around and gab with. I love sunny Saturday afternoons.

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Alison said...

i like your ode to this lovely animal :-)