Friday, February 22, 2008

Guess Who's Coming Out To Play?

Look who just popped their heads out in my garden:

Hello, pretty Geranium. I love you. I love your sweet and bitter smell. I love your reliability, and the color of your flowers.

You are so lovely, Geranium. I should point out, however, before you get too full of yourself, that your neighbor Sage is quite attractive himself. Strong and soft, straight and proud. Fragrant and delicious. Mmmm, I love Sage, too.

This is a particularly handsome Sage, being variegated and all. Maybe Sage and Geranium will fall in love and make gorgeous babies.

Ah, spring.


Alison said...

it's funny - i used to hate geraniums because they were a very typical flower where I grew up. Everyone had geraniums in flower pots and big hydrangea bushes. but, slowly the plant grew on me (no pun originally intended ha ha) and now I too can appreciate your little ode to the flower.

Cheasty said...

i really love that you can't kill them. as long as they get sun, they'll pretty much keep on keepin' on. i'm sure there's a clever metaphor in there somewhere, and it often silences the inner pessimist when he tries to come out.

carymc said...

I looked up geraniums on two different sites that list what various flowers represent.

One said geraniums represent stupidity and folly. The other said they represent comfort.

I'll go with comfort. I like geraniums, especially the purplish-blue ones.

Cheasty said...

Actually, that really works. Despite my stupidity and folly when I forget to water them, or water them too much, or whatever horrors I perpetrate upon them, their stubborn persistence offers great comfort.