Friday, February 8, 2008

God Hates Me

That is the only explanation for why it is getting so epically, wonderfully, stunningly beautiful outside just when I have a conference paper to write, grant applications to submit, and hundreds of books to memorize for my comprehensive exams. God already knows that I have a serious problem with deadlines and self-motivation. Why, then, would he orchestrate a situation where just as I get good and determined to knock out some serious work, my friend calls me up and invites me to go for a walk around town lake? I say no, but she senses my lack of conviction. She pushes me. Oh, come on, before you know it, it'll be too hot to enjoy the sun, and it is still February, so by tomorrow it might be cold, damp, and miserable again. Do you REALLY want to miss being outside on a day like this? Eh?

I am weak.

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